Welcome to team ‘Beverley’

Chris Broome – Chartered Financial Planner

Beverley McMaster - Longhurst

Who is Beverley?

After a 20 year joy-ride of strategic HR responsibilities across a wealth of different sectors Beverley transitioned into Executive and Leadership Coaching over 10 years ago.

Although she still keeps her HR skills up to date with occasional projects, this phase of her life is for supporting Longhurst clients who passionately want to live and lead more authentically in line with what they care most about.

Her clients commend her calm wisdom, empathy and insight. She is skilled in the art of revealing hidden power, building confidence and increasing people’s impact in key contexts and relationships. Expect warmth and good humour, calm wisdom, empathy and insight. You can also expect pragmatism, structure and challenge necessary for making tangible progress.

Beverley’s style is honest and deeply human. It is built on you having autonomy for your choices, and supported by tools for turning decisions into meaningful impact.

Real Life

Well actually she had a problem with this – it’s all real life in her book.

Other roles that she has – she’s a partner, a mum to two teenage daughters, chief cat feeder and a gardener.

Her ‘spare time’ is spent exploring the field of embodiment, somatics, trauma, existentialism, focusing.

More recently, and a more light-hearted pursuit, she’s begun to dabble with writing, trying to hone her skills simply for the sake of her own curiosity and enjoyment.

How can Beverley help you?

Beverley will be working with our business owner and executive clients, assisting them to overcome or manoeuvre around whatever work, career or personal situation they’re facing.

She’s written an introductory article here which explains the ‘7 reasons why you should consider working with a Leadership Coach’.

Welcome to the Longhurst family Beverley!

On behalf of myself and the entire, we welcome you to the Longhurst family. Everyone is looking forward to working with and learning from you.

On a personal note, I’m equally excited about your involvement in supporting our clients during their successful and, at times, challenging careers.

Onwards we go, together.