From idea to IPO.
A financial planning service supporting you each step of the way.

From idea to IPO.
A financial planning service supporting you each step of the way.

Whether you’re a business owner or a senior executive the challenges you face are like no other.

Responsibilities and pressures increase. Your working day extends.

Maybe you’re incredibly proud of the work that you do. Maybe you’re growing unhappy and looking to make a change.

Maybe you’re now thinking about life beyond work.

You have concerns that your current financial plan may not be robust enough. You could even be facing the stark reality that no such plan actually exists.

The idea of collaborating on a cohesive financial plan, alongside a financial expert, is now appealing to you.

You are looking to build a long-term trusted relationship with that financial expert, one that will ensure you have the right financial foundation bricks in place now and forever.


At Longhurst we deliver a deeply personal and rigorously comprehensive financial planning service that empowers you to live the life you want, on your terms, and with your household’s long-term success in mind.

We understand the pressures you face every day; we face them too as fellow professionals.

Under SmartStack® we will collaborate on a long-term partnership which focuses on removing as many of these pressures from your shoulders as possible.

In doing so we are able to give you back one of the most precious and treasured of commodities – your time.

We underpin each element of the service with award-winning planning software (Voyant and Timeline), and your own 24/7 wealth portal (MyLonghurst).

We also surround you with an expert team of human and life focused specialists, including expert coaches, your very own travel planner, a good-giving adviser, and a cyber security consultant.

Your SmartStack® agenda

Financial Planning

  • Helping you to prioritise what and who matters most to you.
  • Creation of a bespoke lifetime cash-flow forecasting to assess whether you are financially on track to achieve your version of financial independence.
  • What-If scenarios mapped out to show you different life outcomes based on different decisions you could take.

Financial Advice

  • Regulated financial advice over the products best suited to enable you to secure financial independence.
  • Investment advice.
  • Tax planning strategies.
  • Disaster Planning & Human Insurance review.
  • Mortgage review service.
  • New Advice Implementation.


  • Cash management services.
  • Behaviour coaching & sound-boarding.
  • Education & learning support in any area of financial planning you need.
  • Collaborating with your other trusted advisers.

Business Owner Focus

  • Utilising company cash more effectively for your personal planning.
  • Corporation tax planning.
  • Moving your human insurance costs onto the company.
  • Understanding how much you need to achieve from a capital event (i.e. MBO).
  • Becoming less reliant on a company sale for your future retirement.
  • Exit & succession planning.

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Lifetime Cashflow Forecasting