All clients of Longhurst who subscribe to our Annual Forward Planning service benefit from a complementary wealth management portal called MyLonghurst.

Our MyLonghurst service enables you to see your entire financial wealth at a glance.

A clear, uncomplicated view of your finances in one place. Your investments, savings, pensions, insurances, bank accounts, credit cards, store cards, mortgages, loans and property alongside all the associated paperwork.

On your desktop and as an app on your tablet and smart phone, your finances are beautifully brought together under a single login accessible to you at any time, wherever you are.

It’s free to download on your mobile device here.

App Store

Some of the MyLonghurst features

  • Everything summarised

    Your dashboard gives you a snapshot of your entire financial life and an easy navigation point to everything you need. Personalise it to display the information that matters to you most.

  • Keep track of your investments

    MyLonghurst makes it easy to see how your investments are doing. Valuations are updated daily and build into a history across your entire portfolio.

  • Keep your important documents safe

    Store all your paperwork including wills, property deeds, insurance contracts, policy documents, valuations and statements. MyLonghurst keeps your important financial documents safe, secure and accessible.

  • A true picture of your net worth

    MyLonghurst tracks the value of your assets and liabilities over time. For you, your partner, your dependants, your trusts, your companies: all brought together into a single view.

  • Secure and timely communications

    MyLonghurst ensures that your personal data is exchanged using only the most secure methods. Notifications alert you when important messages or documents are waiting to be read.