Welcome to Longhurst

Longhurst is an award-winning financial planning practice which combines inspirational lifestyle planning with expert independent financial advice and wealth management.

Working predominantly with business owners and senior executives, together we will collaborate on a deeply personal life narrative that excites and inspires you. One that turns a vague future into a vivid one.

We will help you to focus on leading a happier life, not just a wealthier one.

Where needed, we will help to install and build financial confidence, which in turn will empower you to live life to its fullest – a life lived without regret.

We do this in part by answering whatever financial life questions you may have.

Becoming tired of your current job role and want to explore financial options?

About to enter or currently experiencing a life transition and need support to take the next step?

Always dreamed of owning that holiday home in the south of France and want to know if it can be done?

Wanting to exit your business but have no idea how much is Enough and how you’d then protect your increased wealth?

We help people to visualise, then maximise, every possible life opportunity.

Remembering – Life’s not a rehearsal, so let’s get planning!

Chartered Financial Planners
Professional Adviser Awards 2022
Financial Vulnerability Charter
Professional Adviser Awards 2021
New Model Adviser Top 100 Firm
Silverstone Technology Cluster
ISO 22222 Certified Financial Planner
SME National 2020-21 Gold Winner
MoreTrees Partner
Resolution Associate
  • Human-focused financial planning is the process of aligning your use of capital with what matters most to you.


We build long-term trusted relationships with our clients where your return-on-life sits at the core of every financial plan we build. We do this by focusing on three key values:

Longhurst - Humanity


We’re financial experts, and meticulous ones at that, however our real passion lies in the human nature  side of our work, with your return-on-life, and not just portfolio balances, being the measure of our success.

Longhurst - Empathy


We pride ourselves on always acting with transparency and integrity. We create space for honest discussions that put authenticity and honesty at the heart of each and every conversation.


We take time to listen and understand how you are feeling. To see the world through your eyes. No judgement and certainly no opinion. Just a simple focus on helping you to live life on your terms.

Client Stories

We’d be delighted to hear from you if you are

Looking for a life-long partnership with your financial planner

Seeking a return on life as well as a return on the stock market

In need of help navigating financially destructive landmines

Striving to become better organised financially

Finding it difficult to follow through on your financial commitments

Looking for help to anticipate any life transitions that may lie ahead

Looking for a relationship where you are told what you ‘need’ to hear, not what you ‘want’ to hear

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