Welcome to Longhurst

Longhurst is a human-first financial planning practice which combines inspirational lifestyle planning with expert independent financial advice and wealth management.

Working predominantly with business owners and senior executives, together we will answer your big financial life questions, such as:

  • How do we put a clear financial plan in place for our future?
  • Do we have enough money to live a fulfilled and secure life?
  • Will my family be ok if something happens to me?
  • How do I ensure my wealth is protected and passed down through my bloodline?
  • What type of legacy will I leave behind?

We will help you to turn a vague financial future into a vivid one.

We will help you to focus on leading a happier life, not just a wealthier one.

We will encourage you to stop, reflect, and really think about what and who matters most to you.

And, where needed, we will also help to install and build financial confidence.

We help people to visualise and then maximise every possible life opportunity.

Remembering – Life’s not a rehearsal, so let’s get planning!

Chartered Finacial Planner
International Adviser - Excellence in Client Service
Cyber Essentials Certified Plus
Money Marketing 2023 - Small advice firm of the year
Money Marketing 2023 - Next Gen firm of the year
Money Marketing 2023 - Charity Champion Highly Commended
Longhurst Accreditations
  • Human-first financial planning is the process of aligning your use of capital with what matters most to you.

    Team - Longhurst
  • Human-first financial planning is the process of aligning your use of capital with what matters most to you.

    Team - Longhurst

We build long-term trusted relationships with our clients where your return-on-life sits at the core of every financial plan we build.

We do this by focusing on three key values:

Longhurst - Humanity


We’re financial experts, and meticulous ones at that, however our real passion lies in the human nature  side of our work, with your return-on-life, and not just portfolio balances, being the measure of our success.

Longhurst - Empathy


We pride ourselves on always acting with transparency and integrity. We create space for honest discussions that put authenticity and honesty at the heart of each and every conversation.


We take time to listen and understand how you are feeling. To see the world through your eyes. No judgement and certainly no opinion. Just a simple focus on helping you to live life on your terms.

Client Stories

We’d be delighted to hear from you if you are

Looking for a life-long partnership with your financial planner

Seeking a return on life as well as a return on the stock market

In need of help navigating financially destructive landmines

Striving to become better organised financially

Finding it difficult to follow through on your financial commitments

Looking for help to anticipate any life transitions that may lie ahead

Looking for a relationship where you are told what you ‘need’ to hear, not what you ‘want’ to hear

Based on 35 reviews
Jane Vardy
Jane Vardy
8 January 2024
I have used Chris's services for a few years now and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. I trust his advice and guidance where I have limited experience and knowledge about financial matters. He is reliable and pragmatic yet flexible and adaptable. On a personal note, Chris has supported me and my family through changing (and sometimes challenging) circumstances and been a reassuring voice throughout.
Mia Bessell
Mia Bessell
15 November 2023
I’ve never felt silly asking questions to Chris or any of his team at longhurst. Their service is second to none, they manage to work professionally but with all the trust that you would give a close friend. Very highly recommend the longhurst team.
Elite Access
Elite Access
15 November 2023
We have been using Chris at Longhurst for a few years now as our financial planner and what a breath of fresh air he is! Great advice, great coaching and just an all round great person to have on your side.
Grahame Ritchie
Grahame Ritchie
20 September 2023
Have been a client of Chris since before the Longhurst days I have always found his approach so much more involving than pure financial advice. Having recently retired I was excited to see Longhurst had expanded their services to include comprehensive Estate Planning - something which had been in my thoughts for some time. Chris was able to outline the process very clearly and illustrate its long term benefits ensuring ongoing security for my family.
Debbie Locke
Debbie Locke
2 June 2023
Longhurst's human-focused approach is what sets them apart from other financial planners. They genuinely care about their clients. It's the extra touches. And their desire to go the extra mile. It's refreshing to work with such a forward-thinking company, driven by Chris, who is one of the most compassionate, honest and genuine people I have met.
Michelle Harvey
Michelle Harvey
27 March 2023
Fantastic company to work for, supporting a wonderful group of client households.
Niall Johanson
Niall Johanson
24 March 2023
I have known Chris and Longhurst for many years. They always show the greatest integrity and go out of their way to provide the very best service available. I would thoroughly recommend them
Julie Bowring
Julie Bowring
21 March 2023
We have worked with Chris and his team for a number of years. Chris is extremely professional, a great communicator and always quick to respond to any queries. Chris goes the extra mile for his clients and we look forward to working with the Longhurst team in the future.
Paul Quinlan
Paul Quinlan
15 March 2023
Chris and the team provide an holistic approach to financial and life planning. The financial advice we have received has been exemplary and very timely
Eddie Hill
Eddie Hill
27 February 2023
Chris and the team at Longhurst have looked after our financial affairs for the last 5 years and we would recommend them to anyone looking for a personalised, responsive and very approachable financial planning firm.
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