Growing the unity, strength and harmony desired by successful households.

Wealth is like a river. With care it becomes multi-generational.

As a successful individual or household, you now think of your wealth as a river, capable of growing deeper and much wider as it flows downstream to the people or causes that matter most to you.

You’ll draw water from it from time to time, but you’ll be conscious to preserve it, and allow it to grow, so that one day others can also benefit from it.

This is because you have the foresight to see that you no longer own the river, you are merely its steward.

Of course, you must be careful not to let your wealth, or indeed your good intentions, weaken those you love. You must ensure they stand on their own two feet, and make sure they find their own way in the world.

You conclude that wealth is not purely trans-generational, it is multi-generational. And that is a powerful realisation. So immensely powerful.


Longhurst provides a private office service, to a limited number of households, catering to an extremely specific wealth management and advisory need.

Our Legacy® service provides you with the right tools to truly understand how a river keeper must act if you are to enable your river to widen and deepen down to your children’s children, or to the causes that matter most to you.

Legacy® takes an innovative approach to wealth management, defined by the purpose of what wealth means to you.

We work with our clients to understand their evolving life and family goals so that we can produce a clearly defined list of objectives. This list then forms the foundations of the strategic plan which we collaborate on year on year.

We underpin each element of the service with award-winning planning software (Voyant and Timeline), and your own 24/7 wealth portal (MyLonghurst).

We also surround you with an expert team of human and life focused specialists, including expert coaches, your very own travel planner, a good-giving adviser, and a cyber security consultant.

Your Legacy® agenda

  • Help define what wealth truly means to you.
  • Set out a clear strategic plan on how to achieve your household goals.
  • Help to design a Household Mission Statement that spells out the overall purpose of your wealth.
  • Assist in structuring personal assets for wealth protection, succession & tax planning, including trust and Family Investment Company formation (read more).
  • Put in place a professional management structure.
  • Provide the foundations for ongoing advice and, where appropriate, multi-generational support.
  • Take day to day responsibility for the management of your wealth.
  • Carry out investment manager selection, across all asset classes.
  • Provide consolidated reporting of financial and non-financial assets, supported by a centralised digital wealth portal.
  • Provide access to multi-disciplinary advice – covering areas such as family trusts, legal, tax, philanthropy, travel planning, and potential interests in more than one country.
  • Collaborate with your other trusted advisers.

Questions we will explore together

  • What is the biggest risk to sustaining your wealth?
  • Which types of wealth & capital are the most important (financial / family / social / human)?
  • How successful are you at keeping business and family separate?
  • Are you confident that your children and grandchildren are prepared to protect, manage and grow their inheritances?
  • Would you like your great-grandchildren to know your first name and what your family values were?
  • Are you ready to transfer leadership?

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