Growing the unity, strength and harmony desired by successful households.

Wealth is a river, meant to widen and deepen for generations.

As a successful household, you now see your wealth as a legacy. Not just for children, but their children. You become a thoughtful river keeper.

You draw prudently, preserving and growing for those downstream. Not ownership, but stewardship.

You empower loved ones, ensuring they find their own way. Truly multi-generational wealth.

With Legacy®, we help you achieve this vision.

  • Our private office service provides the tools to widen your river for generations. To causes that matter most.
  • We take an innovative, purpose-driven approach. Collaborating on objectives aligned with your evolving life and family goals. Strategising year after year.
  • We underpin each element of the service with award-winning planning software, and your own 24/7 wealth portal.
  • We also surround you with an expert team of human and life focused specialists, including expert coaches, your very own travel planner, and a good-giving adviser.

Legacy® gives you foresight to steward wealth downstream.

To family, to causes, for generations to come.

Let us help awaken your river keeper.

Your Legacy® agenda

  • Help define what wealth truly means to you.
  • Set out a clear strategic plan on how to achieve your household goals.
  • Help to design a Household Mission Statement that spells out the overall purpose of your wealth.
  • Assist in structuring personal assets for wealth protection, succession & tax planning, including trust and Family Investment Company formation (read more).
  • Put in place a professional management structure.
  • Provide the foundations for ongoing advice and, where appropriate, multi-generational support.
  • Help you to put in place a structured and family led good giving programme.
  • Take day to day responsibility for the management of your wealth.
  • Carry out investment manager selection, across all asset classes.
  • Help you to identify and set up a new private banking relationship.
  • Provide consolidated reporting of financial and non-financial assets, supported by a centralised digital wealth portal.
  • Provide access to multi-disciplinary advice – covering areas such as family trusts, legal, tax, philanthropy, travel planning, and potential interests in more than one country.
  • Collaborate with your other trusted advisers.

Questions we will explore together

  • What is the biggest risk to sustaining your wealth?
  • Which types of wealth & capital are the most important (financial / family / social / human)?
  • How successful are you at keeping business and family separate?
  • Are you confident that your children and grandchildren are prepared to protect, manage and grow their inheritances?
  • Would you like your great-grandchildren to know your first name and what your family values were?
  • Are you ready to transfer leadership?

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