Good Giving

When it comes to charitable and good-giving, one of our primary goals here at Longhurst is to help you get more joy, fulfilment and empowerment from the decisions that you make.

To assist with this we provide our clients access to an expert philanthropy adviser, who uses her deep understanding of the charity sector, alongside an attention to detail research process, to help you develop your own charitable and good-giving plan.

No matter the size of a household’s donating ability, this services focus is to ensure you are both proud and empowered by the giving decisions you make.

Your Good-Giving Agenda

Supporting you to:

  • Organize your past giving and clarify your philanthropic goals going forward.
  • Understand the breadth of gifts you have to offer to causes important to you (beyond just financial).
  • Find meaningful volunteer opportunities that fit your stage of life.
  • Understand the issues behind a specific cause and identify charities you might want to support.
  • Confidently say ‘no’ to fundraising requests that don’t fit your giving plan.
  • Move from being a reactive giver to an intentional, informed philanthropist.


  • When facing a liquidity event, like the sale of a business or an inheritance.
  • When determining how best to honour a family member who has passed away.
  • When embarking on a new stage of life, such as retirement.
  • When a specific issue–like cancer, climate change or social justice–feels so urgent but you’re at a loss for how to help.

This service is delivered to our clients through ‘Thoughtful Philanthropy, LLC’.

Longhurst Limited does not accept any legal or financial responsibility for the services Thoughtful Philanthropy LLC provides.

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