Our Team

‘Surround yourself with people who have dreams, desires and ambitions; they will help you find your own and help you push towards them.’

Warren Buffett

As well as independent financial planning and wealth management services, we also offer support through difficult life transitions, estate planning, tax planning, and business services.

In line with our humanity focus, clients of Longhurst access leadership, relationship and retirement transitional coaching; travel planning; and good-giving services.

We will happily work alongside any existing professional advisers you may have to facilitate a ‘Trusted Team’ approach to your personal and/or corporate planning.

Chris Broome FPFS
Managing Director & Chartered Financial Planner

Chris Broome - Longhurst

Michelle Harvey
Client Relationship Manager

Michelle Harvey - Longhurst

Benjamin Fabi FPFS

Benjamin Fabi - Longhurst

Randi Weaver
Good Giving Planner

Randi Weaver - Good Giving Planner

Adam Owen
Non Exec Consultant

Adam Owen - Longhurst

Geraldine Locke
Transition Coach

Geraldine Locke - Longhurst

Ian Gamble

Ian Gamble - Longhurst

Sian Pages
Adventure/Travel Planner

Sian Pages - Longhurst

Tony Capewell
Cyber Security & IT

Longhurst - Tony Capewell

Debbie Locke
Social Media

Debbie Locke - Longhurst

Lauren Phillips

Lauren Phillips - Longhurst

Tim Hale, MBA
Investment Analyst
Albion Strategic Consulting

Tim Hale - Longhurst

Join our family

Providing a life-enhancing client experience sits at the very core of what makes us tick here at Longhurst.

If you share our human-centric passion, and are seeking a career opportunity to join our growing business, please get in touch with us and say hello.

Whether it’s administration, technical paraplanning, or a financial planning role, we’re open to explore all possibilities with you.

Start a conversation with Chris:

  • hello@longhurst.co.uk
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