Coaching Corner

Every client of Longhurst gains access to a panel of highly respected coaches, helping you to overcome whatever life or career obstacles you may be facing.

It could be relationship or marital based, with you requiring empathetic support and guidance on how best to navigate the next steps.

You may have encountered a highly stressful leadership issue, and need expert advice on how to strategically manoeuvre around the situation.

Or, you may be a professional (or business owner) who now wants to start the transition from a full-time career into a new portfolio life – but aren’t sure where to start.

Whatever your situation, Longhurst has appointed a fantastic team of external coaches.

Retirement / Career Pivot

A coaching service offered to individual and couples, who want to start to transition from a full-time career into a portfolio approach to life – but aren’t sure where to start.

A coaching programme which will enable you to approach this milestone in life with equanimity and resilience; to say goodbye to where you were, to say hello to where you are going and to manage the transition in-between.

You will:

  • look back over your life and career so far you will reflect on successes and achievements,
  • take a whole-life perspective to look at your personal story,
  • resurface any unfulfilled ambitions that you need to lay to rest, and
  • allow yourself to move forwards without barriers or regrets.
Geraldine Locke - Longhurst


Coaching designed to support you to perform your leadership role to the very best of your ability, for your sake, your team and your organisation.  An approach which ensures that whatever you need to bring about transformation is accessible to you.

Thinking patterns, behavioural habits and emotional awareness are explored and re-tuned.   New approaches are developed and practiced; change becomes both possible and enduring. This includes:

  • Developing better habits which you hold yourself accountable for,
  • Leadership coaching – making sense of your current experience,
  • Courage and Confidence building – removing limiting beliefs and roadblocks,
  • Resilience – learning how to deeply resource in the face of challenges,
  • Personal growth – helping you to embody greater sense of self and combine it with grounded authenticity.
Beverley McMaster - Longhurst

Relationships / Divorce

A service aimed at those who are trying to repair their relationship, or who are going through or have been through a breakup.

At a moment where you are often experiencing a range of feelings (such as shock, pain, and confusion), over a series of coaching conversations you will be supported to:

  • work through the challenges you’re currently facing,
  • survive the immediate aftermath of the crisis,
  • make sense of what has happened,
  • regain control,
  • deal with damaging emotions,
  • prepare to move forward, and
  • ensure that you can resolve any grief to help you find open, trusting and loving future relationships.

Due to the very delicate nature of this type of coaching we provide our clients access to different coaches and therapists who specialise in the following areas:

Coaching Corner - Longhurst
Coaching Corner - Longhurst
Coaching Corner - Longhurst

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Full confidentiality will be maintained by the coaches and therapists.

Longhurst Limited does not accept any legal or financial responsibility for the services offered by our external coaching partners.