More time, more money in your pocket, and more peace of mind.

Imagine retiring without financial fears.

With SmartRetire®, that dream becomes reality. Our lifelong service gives you control and confidence for your transition.

We’ll help you to become free from the corporate shackles so you can continue to grow and thrive in your second life.

We start by examining your unique situation – income needs, lifestyle goals, family legacy. Then we create a personalized plan to secure your ideal retirement.

SmartRetire® includes:

  • An income strategy to maintain purchasing power and outlive you
  • Estate and tax planning to protect your legacy
  • Care fee scenarios when appropriate
  • 24/7 access to your wealth portal to monitor progress
  • Award-winning software for rigorous analysis
  • A team of specialists – coaches, travel planners, philanthropic advisors – to help you thrive

With SmartRetire®, you can retire on your terms. No more financial fears. Just the retirement you’ve imagined, with confidence and peace of mind.

We handle the details so you can focus on what matters – family, travel, pursuits.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation where we’ll discuss the retirement you deserve.


Your SmartRetire® agenda

Financial Planning

  • Coaching and guidance on what you can expect during this critically important life transition.
  • Exploring a change of vocation and part-time work, versus full time retirement.
  • Helping you to prioritise what and who matters most to you.
  • Creation of a personalised lifetime cash-flow and sustainable income forecast, showcasing different retirement outcomes based on different decisions you could take.

Choices at Retirement

  • Navigating the range of ‘Pension Freedom’ options.
  • Maximising capital and income from your pensions and other assets.
  • Maximising tax efficiency.

Financial Advice

  • Regulated financial advice over the products best suited to enable you to secure financial independence.
  • Investment advice.
  • Tax planning strategies.
  • Debt management.
  • Disaster planning.

Estate Planning

  • Will / Lasting Powers of Attorney review.
  • Bloodline planning.
  • Wealth preservation strategies.
  • Residential Property retention strategies.
  • Care Funding solutions.

SmartRetire® Client Downloads

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