A financial planning service delivering control, financial independence, and a meaningful legacy to your loved ones.

Imagine entering either your retirement or life pivot without the fear of ever running out of money.

Just imagine.

A dignified life. One of financial independence.

A choice of whether to work again.

The ability to travel, socialise, and spend time with your family, without having to look over your financial shoulder.

A life plan that gives you control and confidence over the important decisions you need to make prior to and during this transition.

A life plan that also leaves your family and loved ones with the legacy you’ve worked so hard to secure.

What a dream that would be!


Our SmartRetire® proposition provides you with a life-long financial planning service, engineered to give you control and confidence over the important decisions you need to make prior to and during your eventual retirement.

Your SmartRetire® journey is overseen by a Chartered Financial Planner, and begins with a detailed examination of your unique personal situation.

Here we will talk through areas including your income and capital needs now and in the future, your lifestyle ambitions, your family and legacy ideals, and thoughts on your later life expectations.

Your SmartRetire® plan will include, amongst many things, a personalised income strategy that demonstrates how best to secure a life-long income that maintains its purchasing power and then outlives you.

SmartRetire® will also cover every other aspect of retirement or life pivot planning, including estate planning, inheritance tax mitigation, and, where appropriate, care fee planning scenarios, which may lay ahead for all of us.

We underpin each element of the service with award-winning planning software (Voyant and Timeline), and your own 24/7 wealth portal (MyLonghurst)

We also surround you with an expert team of human and life focused specialists, including a retirement transition coach, your very own travel planner, a good-giving adviser, and a cyber security consultant.

Your SmartRetire® agenda

Financial Planning

  • Coaching and guidance on what you can expect during this critically important life transition.
  • Exploring a change of vocation and part-time work, versus full time retirement.
  • Helping you to prioritise what and who matters most to you.
  • Creation of a personalised lifetime cash-flow and sustainable income forecast, showcasing different retirement outcomes based on different decisions you could take.

Choices at Retirement

  • Navigating the range of ‘Pension Freedom’ options.
  • Maximising capital and income from your pensions and other assets.
  • Maximising tax efficiency.

Financial Advice

  • Regulated financial advice over the products best suited to enable you to secure financial independence.
  • Investment advice.
  • Tax planning strategies.
  • Debt management.
  • Disaster planning.

Estate Planning

  • Will / Lasting Powers of Attorney review.
  • Trust advice.
  • Wealth preservation strategies.
  • Protecting your beneficiaries’ legacy.
  • Residential Property retention strategies.
  • Care Funding solutions.

SmartRetire® Client Downloads

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