Happy 6th birthday to us!

Chris Broome – Chartered Financial Planner


Today we celebrate our 6th birthday!

Though our careers have been long (combined 100 years as a team), Longhurst itself is still reasonably young in age.

With so much already achieved in our 72 months of operation, all of which we’ve shared in so many of our #LifeAtLonghurst and #Awards posts, we cherish these annual landmarks nevertheless.

With that in mind, I thought long and hard about the type of 6th birthday communication I wanted to write for you today.

I could proudly reflect about our Money Marketing and Professional Adviser awards during 2023/24 – most namely winning the title of ‘Small Advice Firm of the Year‘. A wonderful moment for the team and our clients.

Or, I could proudly promote the news we donated in excess of £15,000 through our ‘Project Longhurst‘ charitable programme. An immensely rewarding outcome for all involved.

Or, I could talk through the year-on-year growth our business has achieved, increasing our client family count in line with our evolving business plan. A reassuring and optimistic point no doubt.

However, my decision on what to share with you all was actually made for me last week, following a deeply moving message received from a dear client and friend.

A message which, I’m not embarrassed to say, stopped me in my tracks and brought me to tears.

With their permission I’ve been allowed to share their message you, as I do below:

‘’Hello paid off mortgage today. Went to Halifax bank.

First person in my head once I had seen the amount transferred was my mum.

I Cried. Unexpectedly. Freely.

It’s been a long journey both with and without her, and she would have been 100 this year.

So for mum on her 100th birthday year I can finally say we made it.

No one can make us homeless and hungry ever again and we are now totally and utterly safe .

Thanks for everything Chris.’’

What’s in a birthday?

For me it’s a celebration of life.

A moment of reflection.

A time to be grateful.

And, a reminder of why we do what we do here at Longhurst.

A reminder of OUR WHY.

We’re super proud to be part of our clients’ lives, helping them live out of the best possible life for them.

We cheer when you cheer.

And, we cry when you cry.

My colleagues and I are here for you.

We will always have your back.

As I sign off this message, I also want to convey my deep thanks and appreciation of the team we have here at Longhurst – a team who work tirelessly in the background.

You are, without a shadow of a doubt, the reason why we continue to stride forward as a business.

Thank you all, truly.

Onwards we go into year 7, together.

Chris Broome - Longhurst