7 reasons why you should consider working with a Leadership Coach

Beverley McMaster – Leadership Coach

Welcome to my first ever Longhurst article. I’m delighted to now be part of the family, and hope you enjoy the content that I share with you.

I thought I’d take this opening opportunity to explain to you the 7 reasons I believe you should consider working with a specialist leadership coach.

I’d love to hear your feedback.

Beverley McMaster - Longhurst

Let’s start with Leadership

Traditionally we ascribed the title of ‘leader’ to those who lead others and, often, regardless of whether they were any good at it.  Leader was a title conferred based on positional power and authority.

Today, that premise is shifting.

We understand that positional power doesn’t make a someone a leader – that it requires something far more than a title.

It is in fact who we are as leaders that will determine the success or failure in our endeavours.

What makes a leader?

Although we may often feel disempowered by the pervasive current societal and structural systems, we are able to recognise increasingly that we each have the chance for leadership, and it doesn’t have to be in a grandiose way.

Social media is one such way we can now take a stand for leading on what we care about.

Similarly, I often ask my clients the very serious question “Who do you want to lead your life? Are you going to do it, or are you going to leave that to someone else?”

Think about that for a moment – how many people actually want to leave the leadership of their own life to someone else?

Our views on who can be a leader, and what makes a leader are, I would argue, broadening.

How you are impacts how you do?

Leadership Coaching asks us to closely examine who we are, providing the reflective space to do that.

It is, as they say the human being that leads to the human doing. 

For change and personal growth to be sustainable, very often we have to consider how our way of being – of showing up – impacts the actions we take and the results we achieve.

When we become skilled at observing how we are we often find the key to making the changes we want to make, although the key only unlocks the door.

It’s commitment and regular conscious practice that walks us through.

The 7 reasons

Leadership is a lonely endeavour and coaching can provide an excellent space reflection, sense-making and discovery.  Valuable time that is rarely available in today’s harried world!

So here are 7 reasons that you might engage an Executive Leadership Coach.

For the sake of:

  1. Personal Growth and Development – stretching the edges of who you are
  2. Leading (in) a healthier organisation
  3. Finding purpose, satisfaction and happiness
  4. Creating culture that leverages the success of it’s people
  5. Building the resilience to manage with more ease your response under pressure and overwhelm
  6. Break free from patterns of behaviour that get in the way of what you are pursuing
  7. Moving to a model of leadership that embraces, enhances and enriches rather than blames, competes and divides.

Get In Touch

Of course, the list above is not an exhaustive list.

Whilst it’s a privilege, leading is not an easy gig!

If you’d like to discuss the next phase of your life please get in touch with me on beverley@beverleymcmaster.com.

Full confidentiality will be maintained by the coaches, with Longhurst Limited only being told about your engagement if you choose to tell us.

Longhurst Limited does not accept any legal or financial responsibility for the services offered by our external coaching partners.