Where can you avoid the heat in August?

Sian Pages – Travel Planner

With all the talk in the news about Europe being in the grip of the most intense heatwaves, you might be wondering where to book your next European summer break.

One that doesn’t involve temperatures of +40 degrees!

Here are a few of my favourite picturesque places that would deliver a summer adventure in spades (with or without the bucket).


Known as ‘The Land of Fire and Ice’ August is a great month to travel here.

Although August remains warm, it’s still a relatively cold country so average temperatures remain around 10-15°C. This is an ideal climate for adventurous holidays, especially those that involve high-energy, outdoor activities, which Iceland offers in abundance!

With literally so much to see and do here, you’ll enjoy every minute and with the changing landscape as you drive, you’ll feel as though you’ve landed on an alien planet.

From Iceberg beaches made of black volcanic ash, to waterfalls so beautiful and majestic, they demonstrate perfectly, the powerful force of nature. This is one of my all-time favourite holiday destinations – a real unexpected treat.

Take some time to bathe in the healing waters of the Blue Lagoon, after a hiking across an actual glacier.

Iceland should be experienced by everyone.



Greenland is transported during the summer, from its arctic picture postcard appearance, to reveal glistening green landscapes. At a mild 10°C, you’ll still appreciate a good jumper!

The sun illuminates the majestic scenery, and an influx of rare Arctic species slowly arise from hiding. That said, touches of winter still remain in the icy fjords and towering icebergs, so you can experience the best of both seasons in one trip.

Visit the huge icebergs in the UNESCO World Heritage Ice Fjords, and old Inuit settlements.

You can also witness one of Greenland’s largest and most active glaciers, under the Midnight Sun.


Faroe Islands

Nestled in the North Atlantic, the Faroe Islands exceed Greenland’s summer temperatures, but only by 1°C, with an average temperature of 11°C. So it’s an equally pleasant place to visit to escape Europe’s humidity and heat.

With regular rainfall, the islands’ scenery oozes a new depth of green in August, and the wildlife is abundant. You have plenty of time to explore it all, too, with extended daylight hours.

The islands captivate with their otherworldly beauty, boasting rugged cliffs, majestic fjords, and colourful Nordic houses.

Wind your way between the islands through narrow sounds on a relaxing boat ride, and visit the incredible Vestmanna Cliffs.

Faroe Islands


17°C is the average daytime temperature in Sweden, cool but comfortable, and ideal for a city break.

Stockholm looks especially beautiful in the sunshine, adding extra colour to its blend of historical architecture, waterways, and green spaces.

You can travel further afield, to the wintery wonderland of Swedish Lapland and perhaps spend the night at the world-renowned Icehotel 365, which is fully carved from snow and ice (and definitely not hot!).

Then, travel along the mystifying arctic circle railway line to Abikso National Park to view the northern lights, from a chair lift if you wish, and enjoy some leisurely hikes under the Midnight Sun.



Of all the locations we’ve highlighted, Estonia brings the warmest temperature in August, with heights of around 22°C. However, in the evenings this can swiftly drop to 12°C or below, so you’ll still need a few jumpers in your suitcase.

Whether it’s warm or breezy, Estonia’s capital, Tallinn, still looks stunning in the sunlight, offering plenty of sights you simply can’t miss.

During the summer, Estonia’s white sun causes the days to be exceptionally short, or even non-existent.

Take your time soaking up the atmosphere, strolling through the medieval cobbled streets winding through Tallinn’s Old Town and gazing over the panoramic views of the Baltic Sea.

While you’re there, try some bog walking. Bogs are a very important feature of Estonian culture, and readily enjoyed rain or shine. Explore the cherished bog pools, admire the local wildlife, and climb up the watchtower to hear mysterious stories and legends about the bogs below.


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