Longhurst becomes a PFS Associate Firm

Chris Broome – Chartered Financial Planner

We’re delighted to announce that Longhurst has recently been appointed an Associate Firm by the Personal Finance Society (PFS).

Associate Firms voluntarily demonstrate the adoption of the professional standards set by the Personal Finance Society enabling them to stand tall behind a culture that places clients and staff at its heart.

The Eight Core Principles of being an Associate Firm are:

  1. Act in the best interests of clients, using a customer charter to aid transparency
  2. Demonstrate integrity, probity and fairness by aligning with the code of professional ethics & conduct
  3. Comply with the spirit as well as rules of regulation
  4. Comply with the spirit as well as the rules of employment law
  5. Invest in your people by funding a policy of ongoing training and professional development
  6. Operate a clear diversity & inclusion policy, for both your staff and clients
  7. Operate a policy of corporate social responsibility
  8. Adhere to transparent governance standards and processes.

We hope our commitment to professional excellence will continue to build confidence and trust with our clients and professional connections.