Welcome to the team ‘Lauren’

Lauren Janus - Longhurst

Who is Lauren?

Lauren is a charitable adviser passionate about helping households get the most joy out of their giving.

She has spent in excess of 15 years collaborating with both US and UK charities, working on issues as diverse as loneliness in old age, through to climate change and the future of our planet.

Lauren and Chris met many moons ago whilst attending a financial planning seminar. Striking an immediate rapport they remained in contact exploring opportunities and way to work closer together.

We’d highly recommend you read Lauren’s ‘Why’ story to understand more about her background.

How will Lauren be helping our clients?

Lauren acts as an in-house charitable and good-giving adviser to our clients.

She will be sharing monthly insights through our Insights/Articles page, and our newsletter, with the aim of introducing charitable ideas and concepts for all of us to consider.

Forming part of our client’s Annual Forward Planning Review Service, good-giving will now be discussed so that, when and if appropriate, our household’s can develop their own charitable and good-giving plans, no matter the size of a household’s donating ability.

How much does this type of planning cost?

Lauren is an external partner to Longhurst, and so any formal engagement with her for charitable and good-giving planning will be at your own expense.

Lauren will discuss the various services she offers, and agree with you ahead of time which is the most appropriate.

Longhurst will then coordinate any good-giving planning alongside your traditional financial planning in a joined-up and cohesive manner.

Want more information?

Contact Lauren on hello@longhurst.co.uk if you’d like more information.

Lauren will then arrange a convenient time to call to discuss your charitable ideas and thoughts.