40 Podcasts!

Chris Broome – Chartered Financial Planner

Forgive my excitement, but last week marked a landmark moment for our regional podcast, we reached 40 episodes aired!

That’s right, 40 episodes of Inside Silverstone where we interview the regions leading business leaders and executives, discussing the genesis behind their career, and what the future holds for them as part of the Silverstone Park business community.

Today’s incredibly short article is to simply highlight this achievement. It takes a lot of hard work from the team behind the podcast to record, edit, market, and promote each episode; so to reach 40 in such a short space of time is a wonderful thing.

Equally as impressive is the fact that it’s really well listened to, and supported, not only by folk in the UK, but also around the world, including the US.

Interviews for Season 3 of the podcast start recording after the summer – if you’d like to appear on the show, or know someone that would be an excellent guest, simply send me an email to chris@longhurst.co.uk.

For those following the show, please remember to leave a 5-star review via your iPhone’s purple podcast app, or via this link.

Thanks for the support so far – here’s to another 40 episodes!

Inside Silverstone Podcast