Our Process

At Longhurst we approach things a little differently to your traditional high street financial adviser or wealth manager.

We do this by following a calm and measured process which really gets to the heart of what matters most to you.

Longhurst - Exploration


The process we follow will enable us to really get to know you, more so than any other adviser you work with. Here we hold a series of meetings, in a relaxed environment, and typically with limited paperwork out.

We will have some deep-dive conversations about all aspects of your life, including what and who matters most to you. We will also talk through what you would like to achieve as a result of our work together, so that we can help you decide whether we are the right adviser for you.

Longhurst - Fiduciary Financial Advice


If you decide to proceed with a relationship, we will then hold a Visioning meeting. This will be a combination of life planning discussions partnered with some good old-fashioned document completion.

During Visioning we will explore your aspirations in more detail and help you to prioritise their order of importance in the overall plan. We will also talk through your existing asset base as well as your overall understanding and experience of investing.

Longhurst - Lifetime Cashflow Forecasting


Here we get to work building you your very own financial plan, consisting of a bespoke lifetime cash-flow forecast designed to showcase the life outcomes you can achieve if you follow through with certain financial decisions.

We also provide you regulated financial advice (the ‘IFA’ bit) over the products and strategies best suited to enable you to secure and maintain your version of financial independence.

Following the presentation meetings, you will feel empowered with the knowledge of what you need to do to achieve or maintain financial independence. A win-win no matter what the outcome. See our ‘FAQ page’ for the advice areas we cover.



Once we’ve made the recommendations, and spent time talking through all possible outcomes, you will then confirm if you wish to proceed with the advice.

At this stage the Longhurst team will then get to work implementing all aspects of the financial plan on your behalf, overseeing all administration and paperwork.

This part of the process can take many months to complete. We will do as much of the heavy lifting as possible, ensuring your time can spent on more important things – like family time or taking that much deserved holiday.

Annual Forward Planning Reviews

Annual Forward Planning

Planning is an ongoing process where we acknowledge from the beginning that it’s not about getting it right up front. It’s about being less wrong each day.

We will work with your household year on year, ensuring your evolving life plan remains on track. We will support you during both the high and low moments, making sure you always make wise financial decisions.

We will also focus on preventing you from doing anything that is financially self-destructive, with our value to your family being exponential if we can ensure you don’t make life-changing errors.