Project Longhurst: Donations have a double impact for our chosen charities

Chris Broome – Chartered Financial Planner

Each tax year, through our corporate charitable giving programme, ‘Project Longhurst’, we plan to commit to donating a minimum £10,000 across all our chosen causes.

We are delighted that some of the recent donations we made had double the impact, thanks to gift-matching campaigns.

Read on to find out about these incredible causes and how much these donations mean to them.

Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust (HART)

HART’s ‘Big Give Christmas Challenge’, launched in November, aimed to raise more than £18,000 by doubling every donation made between 28 November and 5 December.

Our 2023/2024 pledge of £2,500 was doubled to £5,000, and we are absolutely thrilled to learn that the grand total raised, including Gift Aid, was £25,014.

This fantastic amount of money will help with life-saving healthcare in eastern Burma (Myanmar), where vulnerable women and children do not have access to mainstream services.

Thanks to all of the generous donations, HART’s partners will continue to be able to save lives and provide long-term support to those who need it most.

To find out more about HART, please visit their website.

HART - Burma

Humane Society International (HSI)

Another amazing charity that is close to our hearts, HSI is one of the few international animal protection organisations working to protect all animals.

Our 2023/2024 pledge of £2,500 was doubled to £5,000, as part of HSI’s #GivingTuesday campaign in November.

Our support will help put an end to the dog meat trade, get cruelty out of cosmetics, protect wildlife from trophy hunting, rescue animals from natural disasters, end the brutal fur trade and so much more.

In fact, they recently announced that the Korean government plan to introduce legislation with the aim of banning the dog meat industry by 2027.

This is an historic milestone achievement for HSI’s work to end this cruel industry, with HSI/Korea’s work on the ground instrumental in making this day a reality.

You can read more about this fantastic news on their website.

HSI Korea

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