Introducing ‘Project Longhurst’

Chris Broome – Chartered Financial Planner

At Longhurst, giving means more than writing a cheque. It means giving time, expertise, in-kind benefits and, on occasion, financial support to deliver measurable results to cause areas and qualified beneficiaries and projects important to our business and employees.

Up until 2023, we had operated a reactionary approach to our giving programme, supporting the financial fund-raising efforts of our business community, environmental, and notable national and international disaster reliefs (such as NHS/Covid and Ukraine).

Our intention today is to be more intentional with our giving, ensuring we direct our financial and non-monetary contributions to organisations involved in humanitarian, animal welfare, environmental and financial education causes. We will also still operate a reactionary fund.

As such, in January 2023, and with the invaluable support of our amazing friend (and good-giving adviser) Randi Weaver, we launched our firm’s first ever corporate charitable giving programme, called ‘Project Longhurst’.

Project Longhurst

Our Corporate Giving Priorites

  1. Supporting the forgotten people of Europe, Africa and Asia: the oppressed and the persecuted, and those who are neglected by other organisations, those largely out of sights of the world’s media.
  2. Supporting those who promote animal protection, including British wildlife, animals used in scientific research and product testing, the sale of fur, and the number of animals suffering on farms.
  3. Supporting those who support our planet, through the planting of trees and over environmental activities.
  4. Proactively provide education, information, advice and guidance to people of all ages and at all stages of life, to help them get to grips with their money and increase their Financial Wellbeing.
  5. Supporting our regional business and financial planning peer communities with their charitable fund-raising activities.

Our Aims in Charitable Giving

  1. To make a difference.
  2. To do good.
  3. To shine a light.
  4. To celebrate the positive wins.
  5. Inspiring our clients and professional connections to follow our lead.

Our Chosen Charities

Following a beneficiary due diligence and selection exercise, supported by our good-giving partner Randi Weaver, Longhurst has chosen the following charity partners:

Project Longhurst

As the Founding President of HART, I can hardly find adequate words to convey my gratitude to Longhurst for supporting our commitment to provide aid and advocacy for victims of conflict and oppression largely unreached by other aid organisations for political or security reasons. We look forward to informing you of the positive developments you will have helped to make possible and the profound gratitude of the people whose lives you will have helped to save.”

Baroness Cox, Founder President

(read full statement)

Project Longhurst

“At Humane Society International/UK we are delighted to be chosen as the animal welfare charity supported by Longhurst Limited. Over the next three years together we will raise vital funds for our global mission to protect all animals and end their suffering.”

Nick Jones, Executive Director

Project Longhurst

“We’re delighted that Longhurst will be supporting our work with this 3-year partnership. For over 25 years, The Money Charity has been the UK’s Financial Capability charity and our vision is that everyone achieves Financial Wellbeing by managing their money well. Longhurst’s generous support will make a real difference as we deliver more free Financial Education Money Workshops to Young People in schools and colleges across the UK, as well as fully-funded Financial Wellbeing Workshops to adults through charities and community organisations.”

Michelle Highman, Chief Executive


We will continue to support the environment and our local business community through:

Project Longhurst
Project Longhurst

Next Steps

For the 2022/23 tax year we have already donated in excess of £10,000 across all causes.

Each tax year thereafter we plan to commit a minimum of the same amount again, with a hope to double it before the end of 2023/24.

We will be sharing more information about each charity over the coming months, highlighting the amazing and courageous work each is doing to help those most in need.

We will also be talking to our clients and strategic partners about Project Longhurst, with the intention of encouraging them to follow our lead and perhaps consider launching something of their own – within their household or business.

For more information about the process we followed please read our main Project Longhurst website page.