An Invigorating Change of Perspective

Sian Pages – Travel Planner

This month, I was lucky enough to spend some time in my favourite city in the world – New York. I can honestly say, there’s nowhere that ignites me in the way that NYC does. Walking 100km in 5 days, stumbling across live music, exploring a new neighbourhood and eating some of the most incredible food, it’s a city alive with experiences.

Whilst I was there, I was offered the opportunity to try something unique and not for the faint hearted. Under normal circumstances, I would have politely declined, stating some vague reason why I couldn’t possibly… but this time, I accepted.

New York City

Now I’d like to state here that I have a fear of heights. But since Covid put pause to our lives in so many ways, and took so much away from us, I have since made the decision to try things that make me uncomfortable and do more things that make me feel alive. I’m not quite at the Eleanor Roosevelt stage of “Doing one thing every day that scares you”, but I can certainly see the benefits.

Travel is a key part of this. We spend our lives making ‘lists’. Listing places we’d LOVE to visit, experiences we’d LOVE to have, and we tuck that list away, in a safe part of our brains and occasionally bring it out, to daydream.

But “A dream without a plan, is just a wish” – Antoine De Saint-Exupery.

So now I make plans. Those places we dream about, those experiences we desire… make plans to achieve them, and I can help with that.

Do things that bring you joy and change your perspective.

When we change our perspective, we change our view… and the view we’re treated to, can be glorious.

New York City

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