Can a Holiday Change Your Life?

Sian Pages – Travel Planner

All holidays are essential (in my opinion).

Life without travel would cast a very grey cloud over our heads.

We’ve all felt what that is like during the Covid restrictions.

I’m a ‘travel more, buy less stuff’ kind of girl and just this week, I met someone who introduced me to the most amazing (and yes, life changing) trips.

Can a holiday change your life

In the spirit of travel one-upmanship, we started talking about where we had been and the adventures we’d had. I chatted about our 4×4 off-roading in Iceland and she told me how she had been to Antarctica. Twice. She won.

I’ve since booked two of these expedition cruises for clients who I know enjoy seeing places that their friends haven’t, and who want those ‘Once in a Lifetime’ (except if you’re Sam) experiences.

Life is all about the moments. Imagine the moment you set foot on the least visited continents on earth.

Antarctic Expedition Cruises

The coldest place on Earth, Antarctica is a vast, isolated, icy wilderness – and home to utterly breath-taking scenery, a thriving and spectacular array of wildlife and an overwhelming sense of awe that is, quite simply, impossible to put into words.

A cruise around this fascinating and remote part of the world is a genuinely magical experience and one in which you’ll be creating memories that will last you a lifetime.

Witness the spectacle of penguin colonies building their nests, seals basking on the ice flows, cruise around spectacular icebergs aboard Zodiacs, visiting working research stations and gain a unique insight into Antarctica.

North Pole Expedition

Visiting somewhere as incredible as the North Pole is reserved for the privileged few – and Santa. But it’s a trip that if you were able to take, wouldn’t you? It really is the tale you’ll tell forevermore.

Standing at the top of the world – the only place in the world in which every direction you face is south – is still the ultimate in Arctic expedition endeavours, and in the history of humankind, only very few have ever been lucky enough to do so.

This is a place shrouded in mystery, that has beguiled explorers for centuries. A North Pole expedition cruise really is the ultimate Arctic adventure!

Your adventure starts in Murmansk, in the Russian Arctic, where you will embark the icebreaker for an exceptional voyage to the top of the world and discover the marvellous sights of the frozen Arctic Ocean.

This is a unique opportunity to discover the rarely visited Russian Arctic Archipelago of Franz Josef Land and spot the extraordinary wildlife in a once-in-a-lifetime voyage.

Can a holiday really change your life?

The answer of course is yes. Holidays like the ones above, will change you in ways you can’t even imagine. Knowing that you’re experiencing something so unique, that connects you to the planet in an inexplicable way, is beyond special.

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Happy Adventures!