What do you do for a living Chris?

Chris Broome – Chartered Financial Planner

One of the biggest questions I get asked at a dinner party is …. ‘What do you do for the living?’

Within our profession that can often cause a moment of dread, simply because the financial services industry has managed to build itself such a negative public image (and rightly so in some instances).

So … what do we do for a living here at Longhurst?

Longhurst - Executive Coaching

5 questions we answer

It’s really simple actually. We help you to understand the following:

  1. What can we afford to do in the future?
  2. How much is enough to give us the life we want?
  3. Will we run out of money?
  4. Is our current strategy going to deliver the future we want?
  5. How do we cope if one of us dies or has a long-term illness?

Questions for you to answer

Some questions for you to think about:

  1. Are you working alongside someone like me, or indeed a firm like Longhurst, who are providing the answers to these questions?
  2. Would you like to know the answers?
  3. Would your spouse or partner?


Let’s be honest; employing a new professional adviser can be fairly daunting, and that includes hiring a new financial planner.

For this reason we are big fans of hosting what we call an initial discovery meeting, always held at our expense. This meeting will typically involve no paperwork whatsoever, and will instead see us spend a good hour+ just talking, and we mean just talking.

By the end of our discovery meeting we’ll understand a little more about you, and you about us. You’ll understand how we work, our processes, the likely fees, and why so many clients choose to engage in our services.

No selling, no products, no commitment. Then, if we both like each other and want to move an advisory relationship forward we can do so.

If you’d like to know more, simply contact us on hello@longhurst.co.uk.

We’re here to help; always.