Happy Birthday to … Longhurst!

Chris Broome – Chartered Financial Planner

Well, that went quickly! Year 1 complete.

Clients of Longhurst will know that we love to celebrate their birthday, with a hand-written card sent to each and every household we work with.

So, as it’s Longhurst’s birthday, and as it’s proud owner, I think today is worthy of a little celebration too.

Longhurst Birthday

So I’d like to celebrate the following:

  • We celebrate our amazing long-standing clients (and friends) who freely chose to join Longhurst from inception. Your loyalty to both myself and our new venture is immeasurable. Your decision provided us with the confidence that we too had made the right decision. It also gave us the immediate financial stability most new businesses aren’t so fortunate to have. So, thank you. We will always be here for you.
  • We celebrate our network of professional connections who supported our launch; including Bower Cotton Solicitors, Maurice J Bushell, Barclays, UKFCS. As they say, team work makes the dream work, and you all pulled together to help us hit the ground running.
  • We celebrate Daniel Rivers (of Bower Cotton). This man. Our friend. You know how you helped. For those in need of Champions League level legal counsel, Daniel is your man.
  • We celebrate TenetConnect, our compliance and regulatory partner. It took a short while to grasp what we were trying to do (compared to a typical ‘IFA’) but you have now fully embraced Longhurst’s approach to lifestyle financial planning and flat-fee charging. Your support is highly valued.
  • We celebrate the new client households we now work with. We’ve focused on quality over quantity, with a clear goal of supporting those who value a life-focused service. Welcome to the Longhurst family, we will always be here for you.
  • We celebrate our new professional partner friendships; including all of the professional advisers within the Silverstone Technology Cluster. It’s been a blast getting to know you all this past year. The good we can do for all of our clients is limitless – so let’s focus on adding as much value as possible.
  • We celebrate our home (Silverstone Park) and our community (Silverstone Technology Cluster). To Roz, Pim, Ruth and the team on site. You’ve made us feel very welcome and part of a much wider family. Our decision to set up Longhurst’s home on site was the right one.
  • We celebrate all of the guests we’ve had on the Inside Silverstone Podcast. It was a long shot that seems to be paying off. 40 recordings. 5-star rated on iTunes. The community is building something here, so let’s keep it up!
  • We celebrate our financial planning peer group, and the NexGen Planners community. I wish something like this had existed way back when, but it didn’t. It does now. The knowledge I pick up from those older and much younger than me continues to grow. Thank you for being. Any planner reading this who’s not part of NexGen needs to join – thank me later.

We also celebrate the team at Longhurst. Michelle. Glyn. Lauren. Your hard work throughout this year has without a doubt been the difference. Exceptional at all times, with good humour and happiness shining through in the work produced. Thank you. Let’s keep doing good by our clients and push into the new year with the same positive energy!

Clearly lots to celebrate but it’s only the beginning. We’re a young firm in age, yet have mighty plans for the future. Here are some things we’ll be focusing on over the next year:

  1. Work with new client households, introduced to us by existing clients and professional partners. Focus on quality over quantity.
  2. Bring on-board a new regulated financial planner to assist me with our growing enquiry numbers. Ideal person must be prepared to show their authentic and empathetic sides 🙂
  3. Develop our PR and marketing approach to showcase how we add value to those working within the technology and high-growth spaces.
  4. Continue to grow our new travel planning service to household’s; encouraging ideas of adventures and new life memories.
  5. Launch a good-giving and philanthropy service, designed for households of all wealth levels to develop their own giving programme.
  6. Launch a mind-set and coaching service, to ensure (a) our executive households are always on top of their decision making, and (b) supporting clients who are experiencing a challenging life transition or event.
  7. Produce Client Story testimony videos, with the support of our wonderful client households.
  8. Record more Inside Silverstone podcasts and Mastermind Sessions!

We have a long way to go, with a lot of hard work ahead, but I believe that with the continued support of our clients and professional peers we’ll flourish into a business everyone can be proud of.

Thank you to all that have been part of the past 12 months. It’s been a wonderful and rewarding journey for all involved.

Onwards and upwards.

Chris Broome