Randi Weaver

Good Giving Planner

The work bit

Randi is a philanthropy educator, researcher, and supporter. She works with some of the most successful entrepreneurs, professional sportsmen and small businesses in the UK to fulfil their desire to give back to their communities.

She helps each donor or donor family to design a personalised giving programme, assisting with budget-setting, beneficiary selection, risk assessment and ongoing monitoring and evaluation.

The aim is always donor satisfaction. This is achieved by helping donors to give more thoughtfully, more proactively, and more strategically, and ensuring that charitable giving forms part of overall wealth management decisions.

Randi is recognised by The Spears 500 as a leader in the Philanthropy Advice space.

The real-life bit

An American, Randi relocated to London from Australia in 1989 and divides her time between the UK, the USA and Spain.

She finds great satisfaction in mentoring women returning to the workforce after a break due to health challenges or family commitments.

She spends her leisure time watching Coventry City FC and the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers, scuba-diving in search of sharks and immersing herself in Spanish language and culture.

Randi Weaver - Good Giving Planner
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