Debbie Locke

Social Media Manager

The work bit

Initially starting out as a PA in Sales & Marketing over 30 years ago, Debbie’s inner creativity soon found its way out and a passion for marketing was born, leading to a career spanning a diverse array of sectors, including motorsport, education, engineering and IT.

Whether it’s in event management, brand development or digital comms, Debbie thrives on understanding what makes people tick, and what compels audience engagement… and then it’s onto campaign planning where she can unleash her creativity and let her imagination fly.

The real-life bit

Debbie likes to keep active on the squash court, playing for the local ladies’ team and for Warwickshire; and she also has an impressive two County Closed titles to her name (from her younger, more competitive days)! For a less intense workout, she plays the occasional round of golf; and when she needs to clear her head, the running shoes come out.

Aside from sport and exercise, Debbie enjoys relaxing with her husband and 11 year old son… walking, kick-abouts in the park, science experiments, watching movies, playing Fortnite and Minecraft; and just generally having fun!

Debbie Locke - Longhurst