Executive & Life Transition Coaching

You’ve found success in your career yet feel stuck and stifled by your own thoughts, stories and beliefs. You are now allowing your mindset to dilute your aspirations.

You set off in pursuit of your goals and, when doubt creeps in, you sabotage your success. You submit to unhealthy habits and feel like a failure.

You feel trapped and exhausted, continually setting intentions to change. You let yourself down which often impacts those closest to you.

You feel frustrated that others have the perfect life. You allow comparison fatigue to take hold which leads you down the path of self pity which never feels great.

Imposter syndrome, FEAR and self-doubt creep in and you lose your motivation and inhibit your drive. You accept the status quo whilst swimming like a swan, burning out and feeling dissatisfied & unfulfilled. How can this be when you are flying high in your career?

Easy! It’s how the brain works. But it can be programmed to support your dreams, goals and desires.

Every client of Longhurst gains access to a highly respected and multi-accredited executive and life transition coach, helping you overcome whatever obstacle you are facing.

Your Coaching Agenda

Exclusive 121 Coaching

  • Developing your awareness through good old-fashioned talking.
  • Access your subconscious programmes using specialist techniques and therapy.
  • Identify limiting beliefs using neuro linguistic programming.
  • Build the new belief – a focus on you can and not you can’t.
  • Develop better habits which you hold yourself accountable for.
  • Create your future – one with more freedom and control.

Business Coaching

  • Leadership coaching – helping you to reach a whole new level.
  • Courage and Confidence building – removing limiting beliefs.
  • Resilience focus and not being afraid of facing a challenge.
  • Personal profiling – helping you to understand your impact on the organisation.
  • Entrepreneur mentoring – guiding you through early stage business launch.

Coaching is an individual journey and needs to be tailored to your situation.

To find out how it can help you we offer all clients a one hour coaching experience as a complementary gift from Longhurst.

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