Expert advice on your divorce, and a clear path forward.

If you are in the process of working through, or have just come through, a divorce, there is no time like the present to take control of your long term financial security.

Every family is different, but whether the breakdown of a relationship is a positive step for you, or a difficult change requiring patient adjustment, making smart decisions about your money and your future is essential.

We can provide you with expert advice on practical issues such as pensions on divorce, savings, or a mortgage for a new home, and our financial planning service is specifically designed to help you define and live the life you want with confidence and clarity.

We ensure that your needs and priorities are front and centre of any financial decisions.

The key is being able to do the things that matter to you – from travel and learning new things, to spending quality time with friends and family – without having to worry about money.

Specialist Advice

Your ClearPath® journey is directed throughout by a Chartered Financial Planner who is a member of Resolution.

Resolution is a community of family justice professionals who work with families and individuals to resolve issues in a constructive way.

Members are committed to a Code of Practice (  that promotes a constructive approach to family issues.


Our ClearPath® service provides you with a structured life-long approach to your financial planning, giving you control and confidence over the important decisions you need to make both during and after your divorce.

We will work with you directly at your pace, and we can collaborate with your other advisers, such as family lawyers, mediators, family therapists, and actuaries.

We will talk through all areas of your financial life including your income and capital needs now and in the future, your lifestyle ambitions, your family and legacy ideals, and your later life expectations.

We will help you understand how your pensions might be affected by your divorce.

We can help you collate and understand the financial data you must disclose with your ex partner, sense-check proposals, and give you a framework for making informed decisions about your financial settlement.

We will help you implement your new financial arrangements in a safe and timely manner. We will help you move forward confidently.

We underpin each element of the service with award-winning planning software (Voyant and Timeline), and your own 24/7 wealth portal (MyLonghurst).

We also surround you with an expert team of human and life focused specialists, including expert relationship and divorce coaches, your very own travel planner, and a good-giving adviser.

Your ClearPath® agenda

Decision Making

  • Helping you sense-check proposals, and give you a framework for making informed decisions about what you do and do not agree to.
  • Understanding and navigating the wide range of options in relation to pensions on divorce.
  • Making sense of your pension statements or an actuary report.
  • Establishing your mortgage capacity post-divorce.
  • Comparing a ‘clean break’ settlement versus a maintenance-funded settlement.

Financial Advice

  • Regulated financial advice over the products best suited to enable you to secure financial independence.
  • Investment advice.
  • Tax planning strategies.
  • Debt management.
  • Disaster planning.

Financial Planning

  • Coaching and guidance on what you can expect during this critically important life transition.
  • Exploring a change of vocation and part-time work, versus full time retirement.
  • Helping you to prioritise what and who matters most to you.
  • Creating personalised lifetime cash-flow and income forecasts, showcasing different outcomes based on decisions you could take.

Estate Planning

  • Will / Lasting Powers of Attorney review.
  • Trust advice.
  • Wealth preservation strategies.
  • Protecting your beneficiaries’ legacy.
  • Residential Property retention strategies.
  • Care Funding solutions.

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