Introducing our favourite new wildlife trips for 2024

Sian Pages – Travel Planner

From the elusive snow leopards prowling the remote mountains to the flamboyant birds-of-paradise dancing in the lush rainforests, the world beckons with an array of remarkable wildlife encounters awaiting every nature enthusiast.

1. Papua New Guinea – in Search of Birds of Paradise

Join an unforgettable journey led by naturalist Mike Dilger, as you explore the vibrant world of Papua New Guinea’s birds.

Venture into remote areas to spot stunning birds like the greater bird of paradise and the 12-wired bird of paradise. Then, discover Mount Hagen’s cultural and avian treasures before heading to the Bismarck Archipelago for more birdwatching and snorkelling adventures.

It’s a trip packed with wildlife wonders and cultural experiences you won’t want to miss!

Bird of Paradise

2. Mongolia – The Elusive Snow Leopard

Start your adventure by flying into Ulaanbaatar before heading to the Altai Mountains.

Stay for seven nights in a new community ger camp nestled in the foothills, where only around 40 snow leopards roam. With a 100% success rate in sightings, you’re in for a treat!

Keep an eye out for other animals like Pallas’s cats and saiga antelope.

End your trip with three nights in Hustai National Park, where you can see the wild Przewalski’s horse and grey wolves.

Snow leopard

3. Whales and Puffins in Newfoundland

While many visitors focus on Canada’s western provinces for wildlife, the Atlantic coastline offers its own thrilling experiences.

Take boat tours to spot humpback whales and marvel at the diverse birdlife, including puffins and bald eagles.

On land, encounter moose, caribou, and other native animals amid stunning scenery.

Keep an eye out for icebergs drifting off the shoreline, a unique sight in late spring and early summer.

Enjoy activities like sea kayaking and hiking in reserves, while also exploring Newfoundland’s cultural attractions such as lighthouses, museums, and the vibrant city of St. John’s.


4. Go on Safari… In Australia

Most people think only of Africa, when we talk about safari. But Australia has a very different wildlife experience, that could rival its African counterpart.

Hang out with wallabies and sea lions on Kangaroo Island and visit a colony of 20,000 fur seals in Flinders Chase National Park.

Then, head to Rottnest Island to meet the adorable smiling quokkas (and yes, that is a real photo), before exploring the vibrant marine life at Ningaloo Reef, home to whale sharks, manta rays, turtles, and humpback whales.

Experience a different kind of ‘Big Five’ this year with an Australian safari!


5. For Comparison, it Would be Remiss of me, not Mention the Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta ranks high on the bucket list for wildlife enthusiasts, and this year, we are introducing three new camps that can now be combined for a bespoke safari experience.

Opening in May, Tawana in the Moremi Game Reserve offers luxurious suites and exceptional safari opportunities amidst a habitat renowned for its abundant antelope, lion, and leopard populations.

Also nestled within the reserve is African Bush Camps’ Atzaro Okavango, where guests can enjoy sustainable luxury in solar-powered suites featuring private plunge pools on an exclusive concession.

Completing the trio, Great Plains’ Sitatunga Private Island Camp invites guests to immerse themselves in its waterside setting on an island reserve within the delta, promising an unforgettable experience tailored to the wonders of the Okavango.


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