Easy Ways to be an Eco-Friendly

Sian Pages – Travel Planner

As we set out on our travels, an increasing number of us are making conscious choices to travel in a way that is both environmentally and ethically responsible.

We’re finding that these choices not only enrich our experiences but also contribute positively to the places and people we visit.

Here are some tips to get your next trip off to the greenest start possible and learn how to look after the people and wildlife you encounter along the way.

1. Carve your own path

Certain destinations have become overly crowded with tourists, and this can detract from their charm and appeal. However, there are countless stunning locations around the globe that remain off the beaten path.

Instead of flocking to the typical tourist hubs, consider exploring a lesser-known city within the same country, discovering an alternative national park, or immersing yourself in the tranquility of smaller countryside towns.

Venturing away from the congested tourist areas will undoubtedly provide a more fulfilling and authentic experience.

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2. Rest easier

By booking eco-conscious, locally owned accommodation, you are already making a significant contribution to our planet.

Be cautious of hotel chains that simply ask guests to reuse towels and linens while touting their environmental credentials. Instead, prioritise establishments that actively avoid single-use plastics and disposable toiletries.

Look for transparency regarding their efforts to reduce energy and water consumption, as well as their involvement in conservation and community initiatives. If they are striving for or have achieved carbon neutrality and have pledged to the Glasgow Declaration, even better.

3. Take the greenest option

Air travel is notorious for its carbon emissions, but if you must fly to reach your destination, consider flying with companies that can demonstrate their plan for offsetting the carbon footprint of your flight.

Once you’ve arrived, opt for sustainable modes of transportation such as walking, biking, or public transit. Train travel has seen a revival in popularity as more individuals prioritise eco-friendly transportation, offering an opportunity to appreciate the landscape during your journey.

If renting a car is unavoidable, select an electric vehicle to minimise your environmental impact.

4. Slow down

Slowing down the pace of your travels is a straightforward yet impactful method for lessening your carbon footprint.

Consider extending your stay to truly immerse yourself in a location. Engage in local activities such as cooking, language, or dance classes, initiate conversations with locals, and discover their preferred dining and drinking spots.

Utilise public transportation and allow yourself some unplanned days. It is the unexpected encounters and discoveries that make slow travel so memorable – and often more budget friendly.

5. Eat and shop well

Exploring new culinary experiences is a highlight of travel, but it’s important to be mindful of what you consume, in order to be a responsible traveller.

There are clear items to stay away from, such as cat, dog, whale, seal, shark, and sea turtle. In addition, it’s best to avoid products like ‘cat poo’ coffee (known as kopi luwak), puffin, pangolin, and ‘bushmeat’.

Seek out zero-waste and eco-friendly dining options when possible, to support sustainable practices.

Aim to spend your money in a way that helps locals. Look for businesses that give jobs and training to those in need.

Supporting a social enterprise like a cafe, or shop can leave you feeling good, and you may even make lasting memories connecting with locals.

6. Above all, be kind

Travelling to another country presents an opportunity to foster cultural connections and gain insight into diverse perspectives.

Approach your journey with care and respect, particularly at sacred sites, and extend kindness to those who assist you during your travels.

A simple tip, thank you, and smile can brighten the day of those who carry your bags, check you in, clean your room, or serve your meals.

Spread positivity wherever you go!

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