2023: An amazing year for animals!

Chris Broome – Chartered Financial Planner

We promised to bring you regular updates on  our corporate charitable giving programme, ‘Project Longhurst’, which aims to support organisations involved in humanitarian, animal welfare, environmental and financial education causes.

We recently received this heart-warming roundup from our Animal Welfare partner, Humane Society International (HSI), which we thought we’d share with you.

2023 really was an amazing year for animals!

Project Longhurst

Campaign efforts led Brazil, Canada and Chile to ban animal testing for cosmetics and secured government commitments to phase out chemical testing on animals in Canada, Europe and South Korea.

HSI secured commitments from institutions worldwide to transition 20% of their procurement and meal offerings to plant-based. When fully implemented, this will result in more than 24 million animal-based meals changing to plant-based every year!

After close consultation with HSI in response to the wildlife trade crisis, Canada instituted a very restrictive ban on the import of elephant ivory and rhino horn, including hunting trophies containing these parts.

Lithuania banned fur farming; retailers and designers including Harvey Nichols, Fraser Group, Herno, Aeffe Group and Canada’s Hudson Bay Company went fur-free; and more than 15 million citizens signed to end fur farming across the EU.

After years of campaigning, the South Korean government introduced a bill that aims to phase out the dog meat industry by 2027. In Indonesia, we secured a permanent end to the sale and slaughter of dogs and cats at the notorious Tomohon Extreme Market, and all six provinces on the island of Java have introduced directives prohibiting the dog and cat meat trades.

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