Project Longhurst: HART’s Big Give Christmas Challenge

Chris Broome – Chartered Financial Planner

Our ‘Project Longhurst’ Humanitarian charity partner, HART, are launching their Big Give Christmas Challenge on 28 November.

In their latest update below, you can read about the atrocities faced by the local ethnic Shan minority in Burma, and the critical support that HART’s local partners provide.

The Big Give Christmas Challenge aims to raise more than £18,000 to support this cause and for eight days, from 28 November to 5 December, every donation made to HART via the Big Give will be doubled!

Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust

Please keep an eye out for the launch of our Big Give Christmas Challenge. The campaign begins on 28 November and ends on 5 December. During these eight days, your donation to HART via the Big Give will be doubled! 

This year, we are raising funds for the provision of life-saving healthcare to persecuted minorities in Shan State, eastern Burma (Myanmar), where community health workers are a lifeline to women and children in crisis. Your gift to HART will have double the impact, so please keep an eye out for the launch of our campaign next week.

Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust

More than 1,000 attacks have been carried out against health workers in Burma since the military coup in 2021. Thousands of doctors have been detained or killed. Hospitals and healthcare facilities have been raided or destroyed by airstrikes. Meanwhile, the regime’s systematic denial of aid has resulted in severe shortages of essential medical supplies. Click here to read our latest blog about the crisis in Burma.

Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust

Your support will transform lives 

In Shan State, the local ethnic Shan minority faces terrible atrocities. The military employs scorched earth tactics and land-grabs to take control of natural resources, lays landmines to restrict movement, and uses rape as a weapon of war. 

HART’s local partners are a lifeline to people in need. They provide practical and ongoing support to people without access to mainstream services, including emergency obstetric care and health services for women and children. Their intervention saves lives. 

For this year’s Big Give Christmas Challenge, HART aims to raise £18,092 to support persecuted minorities in Shan State. Your gift to HART will support training workshops for health workers and the provision of life-saving services. 

Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust
Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust

Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust

Please keep an eye out for the launch of this campaign on 28 November – your support could equip a health worker with the skills needed to save a life.  

From HART and our local partners in Burma: Thank You! 

Bethany Oliver-Dee, 
HART’s Communications Co-ordinator 

Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust

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To read more about Project Longhurst, please visit our dedicated website page.

For more information about HART and their Big Give Christmas Challenge, please visit their website.