It’s OK not to be OK.
We’ll be here for you, if you need us.

Stuck in the mud

Stuck in the mud

At times during your life you’re not going to be OK.

Challenges at home.

Issues at work.

Concerns about your future.

Unhappy with life in general.

Emotions and energy at an all time low.

When we notice that you are not OK, with your permission we will do four things:

  1. We will ask you if you are OK.
  2. If you are honest with us, and tell us that you’re not, we’ll then ask if it’s OK to sit in the mud with you.
  3. If you say yes, we’ll sit with you, listen to what’s going on in your life, then, and only if we think appropriate, ask you if there’s anything you want us to do to help.
  4. We’ll then follow your lead.

It’s OK to be stuck in the mud, we all get that way.

It’s also OK to let us step in to help – if you’re comfortable with that.

Because, we’ll always have your back.

It’ll be our honour.