Welcome to the team ‘Albion’

Chris Broome – Chartered Financial Planner

Albion Consulting

Who are Albion?

Albion is an investment-focused team working exclusively with leading financial planning firms in the UK, helping to implement and maintain a sensible and robust investment proposition.

Albion work with over 65 respected independent financial advice businesses around the UK, in Norway and Hong Kong, who oversee over £18 billion of funds on behalf of their clients.

How do they help?

Albion offers a single, integrated investment proposition service for building and running an efficient, risk-focused, inhouse investment programme, based around each firm’s individual preferences and choices.

This includes participating in our firm’s 6 monthly investment committee, to ensure we keep on top of our Centralised Investment Proposition, continuously challenging the process over time.

This additional level of support is designed to further evidence that the investment advice offered here at Longhurst is reliable, repeatable, understandable, transparent and evidence driven.

Albion’s aim is to free up our time to allow us to focus our efforts on the human-focused financial planning service we offer to our clients.

Welcome Albion

On behalf of myself and the entire, we welcome Tim, James, Ben and Dan to the Longhurst family.

Everyone is looking forward to working with and learning from you.

Onwards we go, together.

Tim Hale - Longhurst
James Baker - Longhurst
Ben Edwards - Longhurst
Dan Tutchings- Longhurst