Beautiful places that demand to be explored

Sian Pages – Travel Planner

We’re all looking ahead, making plans and dreaming about new and interesting places for us to make memories with our loved ones.

I thought I would share some ideas with you. Some of these places are well loved, and some are still relatively under the radar, but equally as beautiful.

1.  Iceland

Top of my list remains one of my own favourites.

With jet black sandy beaches, glacial trails and landscapes that will have you believing that you’re driving on the surface of the moon! Iceland delivers an adventure of a lifetime and will have you reminiscing for years.

To condense all that this magical place offers into a few sentences feels almost negligent.


2.  Namibia

Having created many self-drive tours of this beautiful country, I completely see the appeal.

Another opportunity to explore a landscape, so diverse and awe inspiring. You’ll have the chance to see rhinos, giraffes and elephants… not to mention exploring its red sand dunes and skeletal trees, whilst truly feeling the vastness of this country. It’s a photographer’s dream.


3.  The Azores

A little closer to home is this Portuguese archipelago, that inspires all kinds of wanderlust in anyone and is still known as ‘Europe’s Secret Island of Adventure’.

With three of the islands designated by UNESCO as biospheres – think Jurassic Park, but without the threat of being eaten by a dinosaur! Lush green valleys, tectonic plates and craters for days. And I’d be remiss not to mention that this particular location is known as one of the best for whale and dolphin watching.

The Azores

4.  Japan

Many clients are jetting off to Japan, now restrictions are easing. There are so many cultural experiences and so much incredible food here, that you’ll need plenty of time to ensure you don’t miss out on anything!

With each new season offering something truly special, from the Cherry Blossoms in March, snow festivals in February and fireworks and festivals in the summer, Japan is very much a talking point for everyone right now!


5.  USA

My own family holiday to America is fast approaching, and one of the places we’ll be exploring is the Grand Canyon, along with the National Parks along the way. It’s been on my ‘travel bucket list’ for many years and I will be taking my husband and 8 year old son to experience this for the first time. This ‘otherworldly’ natural wonder has to be seen to be believed… and I cannot wait to see it myself.

Clients who’ve seen it, have told me that they expected to be a little disappointed as it couldn’t possibly be as incredible as you’d imagine, surely? Well, it is. Thankfully, my knowledge has also enabled me to book Antelope Canyon at the perfect time of day too – which will hopefully allow for some stunning photographs.

Grand Canyon

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