Why Lapland isn’t just for kids

Sian Pages – Travel Planner

What springs to mind when you hear Lapland? Probably, like me, you think immediately of the ‘big guy in the red suit’ and happy, smiley children meeting him for the first time.

You wouldn’t be alone in this. Like Disney (which is another subject altogether), people often think that Lapland is a place only those with children should venture. Well, allow me to demonstrate why this simply isn’t true.

Ok, so I’ll begin by saying that I only discovered this by accident when I took my own family to meet Santa! But once we’d gotten that part out of the way, the trip itself was just magnificent and meeting Santa, became just a fraction of the fun we’d had. Now when we talk about it, Santa isn’t why we hunger to return, the experiences are.

Experiences not to be missed

Lapland is a playground for adults. Brimming with bucket-list things to do.

Try your skills at snowmobiling, surrounded by the most breath-taking scenery you might ever witness.

Snowmobiles in Lapland

Sit back and relax, under a fur or two, as you’re driven through fresh powdered white snow by an excitable team of huskies.

Sink carefully and slowly into freezing cold ice and allow the cold to envelop you, before stepping into your sauna.

Ride on horseback, through the freshly driven snow.

Catch fresh fish, as you rest on a frozen lake and hear nothing but peace and quiet all around.

Aurora Borealis – surely this is something that everyone wants to witness first hand? Perhaps you see them whilst snowshoeing, or out on your snowmobile. Either way, it will be a sight you’ll never forget.

Aurora Borealis in Lapland

Places to stay

In Lapland, the place you stay, becomes as much a part of the experience as donning your snowsuits to search for the Northern Lights.

Sleep in a glass igloo, to maximise your chances of seeing the Northern Lights.

Accommodation in Lapland

Spend your time in a mirrored structure that not only offers luxury, but blends seamlessly into its surroundings.

Sleep in a genuine Igloo hotel, that is purpose built every single year.

Find yourself in a Biosphere that focuses on sustainable travel and conservation of local bird populations.

Accommodation in Lapland

Have a luxury, catered cabin in the woods, all to yourselves for a feeling of total exclusivity.

Accommodation in Lapland

In summary

Although ‘Lapland’ is defined more by the experience, than the actual location, geographically, it’s referred to as the Northern part of Finland. But most of us also know it to be Norway, parts of Sweden and even Russia.
It lies within the Arctic Circle, gifting us amazing and unspoilt nature. Whilst the area itself isn’t defined by one place, you can guarantee that whatever ‘Lapland’ you choose to visit, you will enjoy a unique and unforgettable trip.

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