Just a Few of the Most Beautiful Streets in the World

Sian Pages – Travel Planner

Our world has the ability to take your breath away with its beauty… and none more so than the streets below.

I’m sure you’ll have no trouble imagining yourselves whiling away the hours, walking along these streets, discovering their secrets and enjoying all they have to offer.

I’m going to start with a favourite of mine… Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn, New York

Walking through the streets of New York City is always an incredible experience, but even more so when you cross the bridge and enter into DUMBO. This iconic view is really special. Seeing it first hand, you’re reminded of so many movies and moments in time where this image has been used and with good reason. It draws you in and mesmerises you.

Oh and there’s some of the best pizza I’ve ever eaten, right around the corner!

Brooklyn New York

Recife, Brazil

Recife is the easternmost major city in Brazil, and the beautiful Rua do Bom Jesus occupies one of the easternmost parts of the city. The dazzling street, punctuated by palms, is steeped in history. Dating back to the 15th century, this street contained the first synagogue built in the Americas, the Kahal Zur Israel Synagogue. The building is still there for visitors to see.


Águeda, Portugal

Águeda’s Umbrella Sky Project began in 2011 as a part of the Portuguese city’s annual Ágitagueda Art Festival. As beautiful as it is practical, every summer when the sun is at its most intense, umbrellas are hung in a decorative and beautiful way of providing much needed shelter and shade to tourists and pedestrians alike.


Pretoria, South Africa

There was talk of removing these beautiful trees, in order to make way for a Transit Line, but thankfully, the ‘powers that be’ saw sense and thank goodness they did! These gorgeous trees line the City of Tshwane and are worth weaving into your South Africa trip.

Best time to see them in bloom is between late September through November.


Buenos Aires, Argentina

This vibrant and colourful neighbourhood was borne of creative thinking and necessity. When, in the 19th century, European immigrants began arriving from Genoa, Italy, many of them were given jobs as dockworkers. These hardworking immigrants, with little to no disposable income, built their homes with thin pieces of corrugated sheet metal from the docks, already coated with leftover paint. When one colour inevitably ran out, they would simply use another one – creating a multicoloured and eye-catching neighbourhood.

Buenos Aires

San Francisco, California

San Francisco’s Lombard Street has become one of the city’s most visited sites. Tourists often gather to watch as drivers make their way through the hairpin turns. Completed in 1922, the street was designed to slow cars down on its steep hill.

Drivers are advised to proceed at 5 mph.

San Francisco

Havana, Cuba

Millions of people flock every year to see the beautiful streets of Havana every year and it’s obvious why. Every building, painted in striking pastels, it gives a true sense of a place that knows its identity.

Cuban culture demonstrated with every stroke of paint in the Cuban architecture.


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