Reinforcing our message to ignore the noise.

Longhurst - Ignore the Noise

The Power of the Herd

  • Financial crises are essentially money panics;
  • In other words, they are a rush to cash;
  • At Longhurst we will always stand in fierce and firm opposition to market consensus;
  • We will always stand by our principle of maintaining focus on the financial plan rather than reacting to market noise;
  • You can have confidence that we will always stand by you, even when you may be thinking of following the herd;
  • We will always advise you, no matter what, if you are trying to find false comfort in doing what everyone else is doing;
  • We will always provide passionate and resounding reassurance that the path we’re walking together is the right path, so that the temptation of herding, and the fear of regret, will soon wash away;
  • During these moments we will show our value to you as your diligent and caring chartered financial planner;
  • Together, we will ignore the noise of the financial press.
Ignore the Noise

Actual artist’s impression denoting one of our financial planners keeping investors from making the wrong decision, at the wrong time, for the wrong reason.