Deferring gratification today.
For a better tomorrow.

Longhurst - Money is Love

Money is Love

Money is part of a sacred circle of life, and yet, the power it possesses is quite possibly the most misunderstood commodity in the world. We all need it. Most of us want more of it. Few of us have enough of it.

Money often leads to fear, greed, anger, frustration, and rage. This then leads to war, famine, and social divide.

But it also creates many positive things such as caring, sharing, nurturing, and inclusion. All of which leads to peace, joy, goodwill, abundance, and a balanced prosperity for ourselves and our families.

At Longhurst we really enjoy working with clients and families who use their money as an expression of their love.

Examples of this include working with parents who are saving a sometimes painful amount of money each month for their children’s university fund, something they do because they love their child too much to see them leave education with the burden that is a student debt.

Or someone choosing to buy a comprehensive life insurance policy, instead of, say, a new car, because they love their family too much to leave them destitute in the event of an early death.

Or perhaps someone patiently and systematically maximising their Personal Pension annual allowance contributions, instead of flying off on a luxury holiday, knowing that by doing so they greatly improve the chances of maintaining their standard of living throughout retirement.

The deferral of gratification today for a better tomorrow, for you, and your family, always tracks back to love. An empathetic financial planner will see past the money, and instead see the care and love you are trying to express through the money.

An empathetic financial planner will also never ask you ‘How much money do you have?’, but instead will always ask you ‘What, and who, is the money ultimately for?’