For you, their trusted confidant,
will be saving them from the alternative.

Referral statement

Referral Statement

Every day, people face increased life insurance premiums or become uninsurable because they didn’t act sooner.

Their children grow up quickly, too quickly, with education and university funding targets not being hit.

They, themselves, get even closer to their desired retirement date, without any form of robust or coherent retirement plan in place.

Their elderly parents, too, face long-term care funding needs, with an estate that’s in urgent need of expert attention.

The likelihood of a household knowing how to address their changing financial needs without an empathetic and competent financial professional of Longhurst’s caliber is much closer to nonexistent as you can imagine. That is our belief, truly. 

As such, we call upon our loyal clients and our allied professional partners to ensure they pass our belief on. To champion our cause; and to make sure these households know we exist.

For you, their trusted confidant, will be saving them from the alternative: a life without a financial plan they can trust, and a life spent fearing they may run out of money.

At Longhurst, we work with those at the beginning of their wealth accumulation journey; and those who have already secured financial independence but want to ensure they maintain it.

If you know of anyone in your family; friendship circle; or business that fits this profile, with their permission please pass us their details so we can contact them to discuss their requirements.