Life is not a rehearsal.

Longhurst - Stolen Moments

Stolen Moments

Life goes so very quickly, doesn’t it?

Work. Family. Commitments. Illnesses. Excuses.

Before you know it, you’re slightly older, slightly greyer (with wisdom!), and wishing you’d spent more time together.

So if you’re reading this thinking – This sounds familiar – you still have time to change.

Time to make those life improvements you’ve been making excuses not to implement.

Such as spending more time with a loved one.

Taking a stroll together with your dog.

Sharing a pot of your favourite tea.

Or watching the sun rise or sun set under a blanket.

All perhaps on a working day; on your lunch break; or during an afternoon in between meetings.

It’s these simple things, these stolen moments, that reinforce your bond.

Enjoying life.


As one.

Inspired by clients of Longhurst, who shared their approach to spending more time together.