Spotlight on South Africa

Sian Pages – Travel Planner

South Africa is an incredible reminder of why untouched wild has always been so inspiring, and how a journey through the Rainbow Nation will take your breath away and leave you with memories that last forever.

Experiences not to be missed

The rainbow nation has many sides, with experiences like no other. This eclectic country ranges from wilderness adventures to cosmopolitan thrills. But what are some experiences that simply just can’t be missed?

A Safari in Kruger National Park

Rich in birdlife and game, a safari in Kruger National Park is an unmissable experience; go in search of elephants, wildebeest and giraffes. You’ll be joined by a specialist local guide, while you try to spot prowling lions and the ever-elusive leopard.

At the end of your busy day, you’ll kick back and relax by a campfire under the starry African sky, while the sounds of the night echo in the distance. You’re already dreaming of it aren’t you?

South Africa safari

Whale watching

You’ll want to head to Hermanus and Walker Bay to catch a glimpse of the whales congregating, and there’s nothing better than seeing them in their natural habitat. For the best time, you’ll want to visit between June to November, with peak calving season taking place in July and August.

Meet the penguins in Cape Town

We would recommend basing yourself in Cape Town, then take a visit to Cape Point where you’ll find its wonderful colony of African penguins. The ever-famous Boulders Beach is one of Cape Town’s most visited beaches and the only place in the world where you can get up close to the African Penguins.

Wine tasting

It’s no secret that South Africa produces some incredible wine, or maybe it is and you didn’t even know? Well, the secrets out…Choose to go to either Franschhoek or Stellenbosch where you can sample award-winning wines. Need a recommendation? Chardonnay in Stellenbosch is one you won’t want to miss out on.

Visit the Boulders Beach Penguins

Penguins South Africa

Hidden Gems

While you may know about the Serengeti, Kruger Park and Masai Mara, as popular as they are, Africa offers way more than just these well-known parks. In remote and not-so-remote corners of Africa, there are some truly unique hidden gems that you’ll remember forever.

Madikwe Game Reserve

Bordering Botswana, Madikwe Game Reserve is one of the largest reserves in South Africa, located in the North West province, and at over 75,000 hectares. You’ll find two unique ecosystems, with woodlands, savannah and rocky outcrops providing a home to an incredibly diverse range of animals and birds.

To ensure game-viewing is uncrowded, the reserve doesn’t allow day visitors. It is also one of the few malaria-free, family-friendly reservers, making it a perfect choice for family safaris.

The accommodation available here is luxurious, with great personal service and every comfort your heart desired.

Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge, South Africa

Situated within the Sabi Sand Game Reserve, Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge is one of four completely luxurious, award-winning, all-suite lodges with an incredibly distinct character and atmosphere.

The lodge itself is sculpted into a slope of the earth, appearing almost invisible as it camouflages into the landscape, using texture, light and space cleverly.  The rustic mud walls will remind you that you are in wild Africa and offer an experience like no other.

Cradle of Humankind

One of the 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in South Africa, the Cradle of Humankind is dotted with subterranean limestone caves that have turned up a rich fossil record for human evolutionary studies. Lying approximately 50km north-west of Johannesburg, here is why you get to see history in the flesh, or should we say bone. Tens of thousands of visitors come across the world to see first-hand the fossil record that lies in the network of limestone caves beneath the surface.

Explore the Sterkfontein Caves, Swartkrans and Kromdraai, among other fossil sites, and discover the story of what the world was like when our human ancestors were evolving some 2 to 3 million years ago.

Cradle Humankind South Africa

Family friendly

Why not consider Africa for your family break this summer? From exhilarating safaris to relaxing beach breaks the whole family can enjoy a trip to discover local culture and incredible wildlife.

Kruger National Park during July and August would be a great destination for you; although it is winter in South Africa, the temperatures are mild in Kruger, with an average day temperature of between 23-25 degrees. The parks will be quieter, which means you will have a much more enjoyable experience. During this time, it’s easier to spot wildlife, especially around the waterholes.

If you’re seeking something different, and aren’t afraid of a little mud, then a frogging safari in Kruger Park may be something you need! You’ll be kitted out alongside the kids with a headlamp, net and wellington boots while you’re joined by a guide who will help you catch, identify and release some colourful croakers!

Feeling inspired to head to South Africa?

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