5 reasons why you should consider working with a Retirement Transition Coach

Geraldine Locke – Transition Coach

Welcome to my first ever Longhurst article – I’m super excited to be sharing this with you today.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to explain to you the 5 reasons I believe you should consider working with a specialist retirement coach.

I hope you find what you read of benefit.

Geraldine Locke - Longhurst

1. Retirement is not a binary decision

Stepping out of your main career does not condemn you to mortality, golf and visiting garden centres. It is not a fixed destination – it is far more nuanced and individual. However, retirement can be destabilising.

By putting evidence-led approaches into place before retiring from a career role you will build the strategies you need for a fulfilling retirement.

The programme will help you to identify issues which could knock you off balance and build a road map to actively design the next phase of your life.

2. Language matters

If you don’t want to call it retirement – then don’t. And if you do – then do. But language matters; it can sculpt our feelings positively or negatively.

Working with a coach can help you determine the language you use, and the focus of your approach as you make this life change.

3. Retirement is a time of change and transition

Change is about letting go and moving forwards.

Understanding who you are, your strengths, your values, what gives you energy, what drains you and what drives you will enable you to manage this change from a position of knowledge and understanding.

4. Life is a series of transitions

You will already have made a number of transitions in your life; from study to work, from single to partnership and maybe back to single again, from child to parent, from young adult to middle age. This transition is like moving from a well-worn path to virgin snow. It can be both exhilarating and terrifying. And retirement is not one, but several potential phases.

Working with a coach enables you to be equipped with the knowledge and understanding to plan for each of these phases and to anticipate further changes that might happen so you can map out your future and identify any likely disruptions.

5. Our work can define our identity

Who are we when we are no longer defined by what we do? How often have you heard someone introduce themselves as “a retired teacher” or “I used to be in insurance”. So, who are you when you are no longer that job title?

Finding, and articulating your identity can be tricky and coaching can help you to understand who you are in this new chapter of your life.

6.  Special Touch

I work with the industry leaders, sales managers and ground agents in countries all over the world and the important thing about that is, I have the insider knowledge. I know when hotels are not doing so well, or if they’re having renovations done. I know what is new and relatively unexplored. I’m also able to utilise my relationships within the industry, to find unique experiences for you, that you may otherwise not have known about.

How does my coaching programme work?


The coaching programme encompasses a wide range of support as you prepare for your transition into your next chapter of life, the transition from a full-time career into a portfolio approach to life – but aren’t sure where to start. The programme will take approximately 15 hours of your time in one-to-one coaching, planful discussions, preparations, exercises, assessments, and reflections.

Discovery Session

45-minute Zoom or phone call where all of your questions can be answered, and you can establish a connection with our coach and explore how this programme is going to meet your needs.

Exploration Pack

A comprehensive support pack that includes self-evaluation tools and exercises, along with access to your personal Strengths Profile assessment to help you prepare for your individual sessions

6 hours of coaching (3 x 2hr sessions)

I offer a tried and trusted three stage process:

  • Respect the Past
  • Embrace the Present
  • Plan the next Chapters

If you choose to work with your life-time partner as part of your programme we will flex with individual and partnership sessions involving both of you to a total of 10 hours.

Between Session reflections

Guided reflections and activities to help you on the journey


All you need to help you put your compelling vision into a step-by-step Action Plan

Get In Touch

If you’d like to discuss the next phase of your life please get in touch with Geraldine on geraldine@growthlearning.com.

Full confidentiality will be maintained by the coaches, with Longhurst Limited only being told about your engagement if you choose to tell us.

Longhurst Limited does not accept any legal or financial responsibility for the services offered by our external coaching partners.