8 Reasons to Use a Travel Consultant for Your Next Holiday

Sian Pages – Travel Planner

Many people, including those who have never worked with a Travel Consultant before, are looking to utilise the services of a Travel Guru – such as myself, as they anticipate resuming their holiday plans.

Here are some of the reasons why it makes sense to rely on the professionals during these times.

1.  We Give Back to You, Your Most Precious Commodity – Time

As the old saying goes, ‘time is money’. So, it makes sense not to waste yours, delving into the darkest corners of the internet – researching all the elements, when you can simply hand that over to an expert. Whilst researching places you’d love to visit is fun and as research shows, brings happiness, there is simply no need to waste your time on the less fun stuff – like scrolling through the thousands of reviews and flight choices.

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2.  Avoid Stress

Holidays are joyous, however, researching and planning them – not always. Anything that is an investment into your health and well-being, should be considered carefully and the responsibility to get it right (if it falls to you to do so), can cause stress. There’s an emotional investment there and if recent times have showed us anything, doing all we can to care for our mental health and well-being and avoiding stress is significantly important. By working with me, you hand over all the tricky bits, the stress inducing parts and simply look forward to the excitement of your holiday.

3.  Rely on the Expert

There are few people who travel as much as the travel consultant. Not only am I constantly planning other people’s incredible trips, but I make sure that, when possible, I take as many as I can too – all in the name of research (of course). Covid 19 – related travel restrictions and ever-changing situations means we are the ones who are most up to date with all that is happening – as it happens. Some people can find all this a little overwhelming. This is where I make it easy. Giving you step by step guides to follow – making it easy and stress free. I’m on hand to talk it all through with you up until the point you arrive back home.

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4.  Knowing What is ‘Best’ for You

Often, the best ‘deal’ isn’t the one that would suit you best. The internet can’t account for personal preferences, but I can. For example, I know that it’s your birthday… So, I’ll be making sure your hotel knows this too. Perhaps you want a hotel with a rooftop pool, to be within walking distance to a town or having a rainfall shower is what makes you happy. The devil is always in the details. My job is to make sure that these are acknowledged and actioned.

5.  By Working With Me, You’re Supporting an Independent Business

Like many small and independent businesses, travel agencies have been impacted by the pandemic and we’re working harder than ever to make sure we help our clients feel happy about travelling again – because it’s important to you and to me. By working with an independent business, you’re helping the local economy and you’ll feel the love, in the way that working with a faceless internet company can’t and won’t provide.

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6.  Special Touch

I work with the industry leaders, sales managers and ground agents in countries all over the world and the important thing about that is, I have the insider knowledge. I know when hotels are not doing so well, or if they’re having renovations done. I know what is new and relatively unexplored. I’m also able to utilise my relationships within the industry, to find unique experiences for you, that you may otherwise not have known about.

7.  If I Haven’t Travelled There – I’ll Know Someone Who Has

When you work with me, you’ll benefit not only from my expertise, but from my many connections. No one travel agent has been everywhere – but within my network, I’ll be able to chat to someone who will have experienced first-hand, your chosen destination and, therefore, employ all that local knowledge into your perfect trip.

8.  The Human Connection

When you book online – the relationship is non-existent. When you book on a high street, the relationship ends when you pay. I deliver an experience, not a transaction. You have my attention whenever you need it – for the duration of your trip. So, if you were to encounter any problems, such as a flight cancellation, you’ll have instant access to a real-life person – not a call centre where you wait hours, or an email address that sends an automated response. You’re never alone when you have me to lean on.


Get In Touch

If you’d like to discuss future travel plans you have in mind, get in contact with our in-house travel consultant, Sian Pages, on sian.pages@notjusttravel.com.

Sian will be more than happy to spend time talking you through your options; remembering her service is delivered at no cost to clients and professional connections of Longhurst.

Happy Adventures!