A note from Lucy – Dec 2021

Lucy Byrom – Operations Manager

Longhurst - A note from Lucy - Dec 2021

It’s great to be able to introduce myself directly!

Hello – I’m Lucy, the new operations manager here at Longhurst.

This is my very first article for our website, intended to introduce myself, let you know about some exciting projects we’re working on, and inform you about an update regarding our MyLonghurst client app.

Moving forward, I will produce a quarterly communication, updating you on all aspects of life at Longhurst.

Longhurst - Draft Annual Report

So firstly, a little bit about me

I’m an experienced operations and office manager, with a demonstrated history of working at the highest levels within the financial planning space.

Working directly alongside each member of the Longhurst team, my main objective is to help us all focus on doing what we love doing – this will include delivering life changing outcomes for the households who trust us to be their financial steward.

When I’m not sat in front of spreadsheets and crunching data,  I spend all of my time with my beautiful son, Hunter, my Borgi puppy (half corgi, half border collie), Benji, and of course my wonderful fiancé, Paul, where we are busy planning our wedding in Cyprus for July 2023!

Some of the projects I’m working on

I have felt extremely welcomed by every member of the Longhurst family and look forward to the exciting things we’re going to enhance for you!

I have detailed some examples below:

  • We’re adapting our client’s Annual Forward Planning Review process, to make everything more streamlined and simpler than before. This will include an improved and much more engaging financial planning report, which we can’t wait to show off!
  • We’re reviewing our brand new client onboarding process, with a view of taking what is already an award-winning experience to the next level.
  • We’re also reviewing the MyLonghurst App, to ensure both our clients and the Longhurst team are maximising the app’s capacity.
  • We’re looking to improve our marketing and communication approach, which will include webinars and post-Covid public events.
MyLonghurst App

MyLonghurst App

The system has an upcoming release, scheduled for the week of 13th December (subject to successful testing).

The new features within the App which are outlined below. Some items such as Biometric Access, will require them to republish your App – which will form part of a separate release process. This will be communicated after this release.

  • Upload Profile Picture – The ability to take and upload a profile picture using your mobile device
  • In app scanning and document upload – The ability to utilise the device camera to capture images and upload
  • Document deep linking – The ability for a user to click on an emailed document link and be navigated directly to the document after logging in to the app
  • Attach document to message – The ability for a client to attach a document to a message sent from a mobile device
  • Search and Delete messages – The ability to search messages and delete on a mobile device
  • Biometric Access – The ability to utilise face or thumbprint recognition on a device to log in
  • View documents – The ability to view, download and print documents (PDF/XLS/DOC)

I’m here to help

As I sign off my first article for Longhurst I just want to say that if you have any questions in relation to any of the above, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Otherwise, I wish you an amazing Christmas period and a happy/healthy new year.