Let’s get behind local business ‘Virtual Reality Therapies’

Chris Broome – Chartered Financial Planner

At Longhurst we’re deeply passionate about supporting our local communities, and more so supporting our fellow community businesses.

I first met Rebecca Gill when she kindly volunteered to appear on a special Inside Silverstone podcast episode (a Longhurst produced show) where we promoted Women in Technology. You can watch the episode here.

Rebecca owns this amazing business called Virtual Reality Therapies, which is a unique social enterprise dedicated to utilising virtual reality (VR) and immersive tech for children with special needs and adults with disabilities.

They take those too poorly to walk swimming with dolphins, children undergoing chemotherapy flying through space, people with dementia down memory lane and so much more. The experiences and benefits are truly endless.

Why we should all support VR Therapies?

In simple terms, to help save the worlds first VR hydrotherapy centre.

They are raising money to save our multisensory centre, featuring a world-first combination of hydrotherapy and underwater VR so you feel like you are truly swimming with dolphins!

Like everyone they were hit hard by Covid-19, but the timing couldn’t have been worse for VR therapies. After securing financing, premises, equipment and renovating the centre, they were locked down! Staff couldn’t work and they couldn’t open.

They weren’t eligible for government support as they hadn’t even opened yet and banks refused to give them a loan.

They never had a chance to open the doors or even fill the pools.

However, they still have a chance – with our help!


The latest medical and therapeutic advances in technology should be available to the very people it is designed for – not just those already in the hospital, the rich or physically able.

It should be available to those who would benefit most yet currently are the least likely to access it.

At VR Therapies everything is designed in mind for children with special needs and people with disabilities, they are fully accessible and inclusive. But please remember …

It’s for the community and they want you all to come and have a go!

Crowd funding

To support this amazing business they’ve launched a crowd funding campaign, with an initial target of £15,000.

With a large selection of rewards available to you personally, or your business, support starts from as low as £10.

Get involved. Learn more about them.

Click here to support