Certificate in Financial Wellbeing

Chris Broome – Chartered Financial Planner

I’m delighted to have recently completed a 2 month course to further develop my understanding of financial wellbeing in our clients lives.

The training was overseen by the Initiative for Financial Wellbeing and Quiver Management, who have developed a course for financial planners who want to improve the quality of conversations with their clients and build long-term client relationships.

The course included:

  1. The benefits of financial wellbeing to your clients and your practice
  2. A range of financial wellbeing and happiness theories – and their application to financial advice
  3. The importance of “Know Thyself” to help clients with their financial wellbeing
  4. How to coach clients to uncover their achievable intrinsic motivations
  5. How to help clients overcome self-limiting beliefs
  6. The 10 most common biases affecting financial behaviours and decision making
  7. How to help clients deal with the biases that gets in the way of their financial wellbeing
  8. Ten ways to help improve clients’ long-term financial wellbeing
  9. How to apply and integrate financial wellbeing into your practice

With the successful completion of this course, as a business we will now be looking at how we can further improve and enhance how we deliver financial planning to our clients.

Onwards we go, together.

Financial Wellbeing Certificate