Do you want the nearest or the best when it comes to your money?

Chris Broome – Chartered Financial Planner

When we created the framework for Longhurst’s ‘Client Experience’, one thing was always clear – to make it as fun, interactive, and streamlined as possible for you.

This would be achieved, in part, through embracing the power of technology.

Longhurst Client Experience

From an interactive and engaging website, to Calendly meeting bookings, to secure Zoom calls, to digital documents and surveys, to an exceptional client portal and investment platform, to DocuSign, to personalised videos, to cashflow forecasting tools, and to newsletters.

We were offering most of these solutions years before COVID19 came into our lives.

And as such, our household client base grew in both numbers and geographic locations.

These insightful households realised that the ability to visit our offices in Silverstone or London, or indeed for us to visit their home or office, was no longer required. It could all be done (certainly at the beginning) digitally.

With 2020 now in our rear-view mirror, one thing is for sure. You can visit your doctor online. You can engage with your solicitor or accountant online. You can catch up with your friends and family online. You can even listen to Nigel Farage spout his relentless rubbish, online.

We are no longer constrained by our thoughts and concepts that the in-person meeting MUST happen. It’s not the case anymore, and indeed if ever. 2020 has just helped to open everyone’s eyes to this point.

And so, why am I writing this article and explaining these now obvious points?

It’s simple. Longhurst has begun 2021 like we accelerated through 2018, 2019 and 2020 – with new enquiries from households living and working in a wide-ranging set of geographic locations.

We are helping families and individuals who do not care where our central office locations are.

When it comes to their money and future, they would rather choose working with the best rather than the nearest.  As such, and in our opinion, the notion of regions will eventually become a thing of the past.

This is also the case when it comes to attracting talented financial planning professionals into the Longhurst family. Their location and ability to be solely based out of one of our offices doesn’t matter – this means we can take our pick from the very best our profession has to offer – something we will continue to do.

The team at Longhurst is forward thinking. We know that our wonderful clients both appreciate and embrace our approach, such that they continue to refer their friends and family into us.

The question we ask you, dear reader, is this: are you and your financial adviser/planner prepared for the new digital future?

If you’re not, would seeking a 2nd opinion on the matter be of benefit?

To learn more how we support our clients, click here to download our Client Experience PDF.

It could just change the way you view receiving professional advice.