Books we recommend

Chris Broome – Chartered Financial Planner

Books We Recommend

At Longhurst we believe shared knowledge is the best form.

As such, we frequently gift books to our clients – both existing households, and prospective new ones.

Today’s short article is to introduce you to some of the books we enjoy giving and why.

Enough - Paul Armson


This book helps you discover how much is enough – for YOU.   Having an insight into how much we actually need can be enlightening. It can put you in control.

This book introduces you to the concept of Lifestyle Financial Planning – a way to help you find this freedom.

Using simple step by step instructions this book will guide you through the process of developing your own financial plan.

The One Page Financial Plan

Creating a financial plan can seem overwhelming, but the best plans aren’t long or complicated.

A great plan has nothing to do with the details of how to save and invest your money and everything to do with why you’re doing it in the first place.

Knowing what’s important to you, you will be able to make better decisions in any market conditions.

Simple Wealth Inevitable Wealth

A book which has helped shape our own in-house investment philosophy.

This book demonstrates to the reader that there can be no wealth without equities, and that no investor can hold equities without a Behavioural Investment Counsellor.

As we say: ‘Optimism is the only realism, knowing this is wisdom’. A must-read book for anyone wanting to be a successful investor.

Beyond the 4% rule

Today’s low annuity rates, closure of increasing numbers of defined benefit schemes and the Pension Freedoms, introduced by the UK Government in 2015, ripped up the retirement income planning rulebook.

This book helps retirees and their advisers navigate the treacherous retirement income landscape, using sound empirical evidence and practical application.

How I built this

One of our favourite podcasts has now been turned into a book.

Based on the highly acclaimed NPR podcast, How I Built This with Guy Raz, his book offers priceless insights and inspiration from the world’s top entrepreneurs on how to start, launch and build a successful venture.

A must read for all budding (and existing) entrepreneurs amongst us. A top top book.

The Happy Path Journal

For our younger clients we love to give out this wonderful journal. The Happy Path Journal is a growth mindset tool for children aged 4 to11-years.

It includes a story, puzzles and 16 weeks of repeatable journaling exercises including reframing thoughts, worry time, gratitude, self-love and thoughtfulness.  All brought to life by lovable characters Monster Meddler and Slove.


If you would like one of these books or journals sent to you or someone you care about, please let us know.

No cost.

A gift from us with no ties.

Sent in one of our bright purple foil envelopes.