There’s always a rainbow

Chris Broome – Chartered Financial Planner

Life can be sometimes be tough; very tough in fact.

Bereavement. Illness. Divorce. Job loss. Career realignment. Being furloughed. The list goes on. Bumps in the road, hurdles to overcome, glitches in The Matrix.

There's always a rainbow

During these moments you may question yourself, question life, question fairness, and question what’s the point.

But during these moments may also exist a glimmering light, a flicker of hope, an untold opportunity waiting to be discovered.

The solution could be multiple-fold. Time out. Time off. A focus on your health. A rethink about what or who actually matters. Some sunshine. Maybe some snow. Being with people you care about.

At Longhurst we know that all of the above have a critical place in ensuring you move through a change curve that starts with a moment of toughness, and ends with a moment of hope.

Having provided additional support to a number of clients during COVID, all of whom have experienced some form of challenge, we know this.

We know that their hard work and focus, years and indeed decades before COVID, led them to lay some important and impressive financial foundation bricks. 

During this period of foundation, these clients also engaged with a financial planner. A financial planner who then took their financial framework and got to work enhancing it. 

Simplification of their affairs. Strategic planning. Tax efficiency, Increased funding rates. Enhanced investment returns. Human insurances to protect their household. 

A financial model with a number of disaster what-if scenarios designed for years just like 2020.

A calm hand on the tiller. 

One that, during moments like COVID, informs their client that ‘you’re going to be ok’ and ‘you don’t need to worry’. ‘We’ve already planned for this’ and ‘you’ve got this – you’re in control’.

Life can sometimes be very tough, yes. But if you look close enough there’s always a rainbow when you least expect it.

At Longhurst we have our client’s back. We’re there for them no matter what is happening in their lives. We always will be.

Who has your back?

We currently have capacity to work with new households, with all initial meetings being held at our expense.

(The image used for this article was shared by a lovely client of ours, who, following a recent ad hoc planning session, was reminded ‘she’s going to be ok’)