12 Countries To Visit In 2021

Sian Pages – Travel Planner

Looking forward to what will hopefully be the easing of global travel (we hope!), today’s article introduces 12 amazing countries and hot-spots to visit throughout the 2021.


The Bahamas

Ideal for those wanting to leave the cold of January for warmer climes, the chilled-out vibe of the Bahamas makes it the perfect place to escape to for some rest after the chaos of Christmas.

Activity: Charter a yacht and sail to the beaches of the Exuma Cays or drop anchor at Rose Island and stroll along its pink sands at sunset.



The labyrinthine streets and grand piazzas of Venice retain their charm in the cooler winter months, so take the opportunity to explore one of Italy’s most famous cities without the summer crowds.

Activity: A visit to Venice during February means one thing: Carnival. Marvel at locals lining the streets in their renaissance costumes before indulging in the true hedonism of the festival at a private masquerade ball.

Tip: For an authentic taste of Venice dine at Hostaria Da Franz; as the menu changes daily, your waiter will recite the days choices to you along with suggested wine pairings for each course.



Designed for the curious, the bustling streets of Vietnam’s cities coupled with its tranquil landscapes and sombre history make it ideal for anyone looking for adventure in their holiday.

Activity: Make the most of Vietnam’s diversity with a tour that showcases commotion of Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi whilst also factoring in time to visit the sprawling coastlines and hill tribe communities that characterise the rest of the country.



Despite its remarkable panoramas, Oman is often forgotten in favour of its more glamorous Arabian cousin Dubai; however, a visit here reveals vast mountain ranges, calming coastlines and a sun-drenched desert.

Activity: Make the most of Oman’s beautiful scenery on a multi-centre trip focused around craggy canyon views, beach lounging and an evening desert experience.

Autumn Adventure Holidays Costa



A vibrant playground, Mexico’s archaeological sites, classical guitar music and fresh zesty flavours ignite all of your senses.

Activity: Visit Puebla to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, watch the parade through its colourful historical centre whilst sampling local specialities.

Tip: Take the chance to swim in one of the country’s many natural cenotes, these mystical limestone coves hide mineral-rich turquoise pools that offer an inviting respite from the heat.



Marvel at the natural wonder of Rwanda’s national parks, active volcanoes and Gorilla-inhabited rainforests in a side of Africa that is about so much more than just safari.

Activity: Made famous by the work of primatologist Diane Fossey, the rainforests of Volcanoes National Park are home to eight habituated family groups of gorilla; trek through the lush vegetation to witness them interact in their natural habitat.

Tip: To ensure you don’t miss out on gorilla trekking we recommend booking your trip to Rwanda well in advance as permits are strictly limited and spots on treks fill up quickly.

Costa Rica



The most famous in the cluster of Indonesian islands, Bali’s spiritual roots and plethora of natural wonders have made it popular for unplugging from the world and reconnecting to yourself and your loved ones.

Activity: Experience Bali’s heritage and scenic beauty on a tour that takes you to ancient monuments, religious spaces, spectacular look out spots and ends in its cultural hub: Ubud.

Tip: Follow divers to the famous Gilli islands near Bali, often referred to as the turtle capital of the world, the beaches and clear waters here are a highlight of any visit to Indonesia.



Characterised by volcanic mountain ranges and vast national parks, the natural spectacle of Tanzania makes it one of the best countries to visit in Africa.

Activity:  While you can participate in the traditional African safari experience and visit the Ngorongoro volcanic crater, a Tanzanian holiday in August is incomplete without witnessing the Great Wildebeest Migration.

Tip: The thrilling way to witness the Great Migration is from a hot air balloon, watch from the skies as thousands of wildebeest swarm across the Serengeti below.

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Sri Lanka

A deeply spiritual and peaceful country, Sri Lanka is characterised by its kind locals, verdant landscapes, and delicate citadels; expect to pass elephants roaming freely as you walk to one of the many tropical beaches that line its coastline.

Activity: Sri Lanka’s colonial history transforms it into more than ‘just another beach holiday’; for a glimpse into the past, visit the ruins of 17th century Dutch cinnamon trading port of Negombo.

Tip: A trip to Sri Lanka wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Ceylon Tea Trails in Hatton. Stay in one of five colonial homes with views that look out across at the country’s natural wonders while learning about the history of surrounding tea plantations.


USA, California

The Golden State is one of America’s most naturally diverse states, home to dense, misty forests of soaring redwoods in the north and scorching deserts in the south.

Activity: There are few things more quintessentially American than a Californian road trip. Start in the mountainous forests surrounding Yosemite and Big Sur, dive into the San Francisco’s culture and finish on the red carpet at a Hollywood film premiere.

Tip: Don’t forget to sample some of the finest wines in the world in the vineyards of California’s Napa Valley.



Dubbed as the number one country to visit in 2020 by Lonely Planet, Bhutan is full of verdant valleys and pristine mountains where ancient monasteries rest amongst the clouds on rugged cliffs.

Activity: Explore Bhutan in luxury and stay in the Aman lodges that pepper the landscape; discover the country’s beguiling beauty on scenic private drives through the mountains when travelling to each location.


Finnish Lapland

There’s nothing quite like celebrating the festive season than in the snowy wilderness of Santa’s home; Finnish Lapland is an immersive winter wonderland that charms all.

Activity: Coming here in December means one thing: an audience with Father Christmas himself. Take your little ones on a magical husky safari through the woodland that ends with meeting Father Christmas and baking gingerbread houses with the elves.

Tip: Due to its immense popularity it is vital you book early when planning your visit to Finnish Lapland. Many of the experiences – especially those with Father Christmas – are highly sought after at this time of year.

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