Maldives – a Great Post Lockdown Destination

Sian Pages – Travel Planner

As lockdown rules start to ease around the world, I am looking forward to visiting my favourite destinations soon!

Until then, here is why the Maldives would make an excellent choice for your post lockdown holiday.

Maldives - a Great Post Lockdown Destination

One Island One Resort

Isolated, a much sought-after state of being at this strange point in time. There are only a handful of places in the world where you can find yourself truly isolated from the rest of the world, and Maldives is one of them. The country is famous for its unique geography which offers the One Island One Resort concept, where resort guests have the luxury of being the only people on the island along with the staff

Cocoons of Absolute Luxury and Serenity

With resorts offering the most incredible villa options and an impressive square footage, you can eat, drink, sleep, sunbathe, read, watch movies, surf the internet, exercise and even swim (!) without leaving your villa… you could take the whole family and be extremely comfortable.

Whether you stay over the water or on jungle-covered shoreline, you’re surrounded by golds, greens and blues. Rise early to greet the day and experience the early morning hours in its perfect stillness and stay up late to watch the stars from your deck.

Maldives - a Great Post Lockdown Destination

Socially Distanced Dining

Happily the country punches well above its travel weight when it comes to culinary choices, thanks to exclusive resorts where celebrity chefs craft some of the world’s finest and most expensive ingredients — as well as local produce — into show-stopping plates.

With each island offering different dining options, you can easily find those that offer only a la carte, or an in-villa dining plan. No need for long queues at a buffet for you.

Many of the islands pride themselves on their exquisite cuisine, and it’s not difficult to find a Michelin Star or two here… In fact, many of the worlds most famous and accomplished chef’s often take a residency on a Maldivian Island, just like: three Michelin-starred Japanese chef Kenji Gyoten and you’ll often find world renowned chef’s like Ollie Dabbous and Anthony Demetre frequenting as ‘guest chef’s’, bringing their own unique style and experience to the resort’s lucky diners.

You are spoilt for choice and want for nothing.

Maldives - a Great Post Lockdown Destination

Time Well Spent

The beauty of the Maldivian Islands is that they cater for those who want plenty to do, as well as those who just want to relax and do nothing…

Choose an island with a great house reef. It will give you hours of unadulterated pleasure, whether you are a diver or not. If you’re in a water villa, you could just walk from your villa into the water to enjoy a lovely house reef – with parrot fish, rays, even a turtle or two right there.

For the more adventurous, you could charter a yacht for a majestic cruise in the Atoll or set sail on a Maldivian dhoni. Sail blowing in the breeze, wooden prow pointed out towards the horizon, get out onto the water in a traditional way. Reef snorkelling adventures, sunset sailing or romantic dinner for two, it’s the perfect way to have a local and authentic experience.

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